Behind the Scenes: Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Planning for media-heavy events can be stressful, but in my experience, they’re truly rewarding. You’ve probably never thought about what all goes into planning, say, a company’s ribbon-cutting ceremony. Well, there are a lot of calls to make.  It really comes down to making a plan as early as possible and communicating that plan to everyone involved. This past month, we held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony


Employee Q&A

Every once in a while, Amanda and I travel outside our dark marketing corner (we like to work in the dark) and talk with employees throughout different departments to discuss what they like about working at POLYWOOD, what they love in life, etc. It’s basically a shortened version of our Coffee Break posts. Amanda shoots the photos and I ask the questions. We hope it gives you … Continue reading Employee Q&A


Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

The first day of spring is right around the corner — it’s finally time to put away your winter clothes, get your POLYWOOD furniture out of storage, and of course, CLEAN! Okay, I’m definitely looking forward to the first two over the last, but the tradition of spring cleaning is a necessity for some of us. It’s a little shocking when the sun finally comes … Continue reading Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner


Winter Squash Carbonara With Pancetta & Sage

It’s winter, and in the winter is there really anything more satisfying than a big, warm plate of pasta?   While trying to find a recipe that utilized in-season ingredients, I discovered this great take on a carbonara via epicurious.com.  A carbonara is an Italian pasta dish that originated in Rome and is made by mixing eggs, cheese, bacon, and black pepper with pasta. This dish … Continue reading Winter Squash Carbonara With Pancetta & Sage