Coffee Break with Keith Puckett

One Tuesday afternoon we set out to take a peek into the mind of our ‘New Product Development Manager’, Keith Puckett. Since I’m new to Poly-Wood and specialize in video, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to film our conversation. We discovered that Keith is not only an engineering wizard, but also a loving husband/father/grandfather and motorcycle fanatic.  When asked about the biggest challenge of his job, Keith responded … Continue reading Coffee Break with Keith Puckett

Celebrating Earth Day

When asked to write about Earth Day, I was excited to learn what Poly-Wood is currently doing sustainability-wise, but I also wanted to get involved in creating more change. There are many ways in which we can make a difference, even with just small changes, but first let’s look at how Earth Day began… In 1969, the damage done by a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California inspired Wisconsin’s … Continue reading Celebrating Earth Day

5 Products You Didn’t Know We Offered

Most people associate POLYWOOD® with colorful, all-weather Adirondack chairs. You’ve probably seen our dining sets, chaise lounges, or benches. But did you know we also have a furniture line just for kids? Or that we sell a pet feeder? With over 5,000 SKUs, it’s not hard to miss out on everything we provide. Sometimes, we even forget about everything we produce. As a company, we … Continue reading 5 Products You Didn’t Know We Offered