Coffee Break with Keith Puckett

We recently set out to take a peek into the mind of our New Product Development Manager, Keith Puckett. Since I’m new to POLYWOOD and specialize in video, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to film our conversation. We discovered that Keith is not only an engineering wizard, but also a loving husband/father/grandfather and motorcycle fanatic.  When asked about the biggest challenge of his job, Keith … Continue reading Coffee Break with Keith Puckett

5 Products You Didn’t Know We Offered

Most people associate POLYWOOD® with colorful, all-weather Adirondack chairs. You’ve probably seen our dining sets, chaise lounges, or benches. But did you know we also have a furniture line just for kids? Or that we sell a pet feeder? With thousands of SKUs available on our website, it’s not hard to miss out on everything we provide. As a company, we offer a wide array … Continue reading 5 Products You Didn’t Know We Offered