Cooking with Kids: Dirt Pudding

They say “you are what you eat”. If that’s the case, my kids are giant sugar sticks, with beautiful hair (my wife is a cosmetologist so I have to say that). When the marketing team was looking for ideas to celebrate National Gummy Worm Day (yes, this is a real day that they insisted on celebrating), Dirt Pudding was the favorite. They asked if my … Continue reading Cooking with Kids: Dirt Pudding

white rocking chair with green pillow

Comparing Porch Rocking Chair Styles

If you’re in the market for your first outdoor porch rocking chair or hoping to add to your collection, you’re in luck! From a traditional porch rocking chair in a variety of styles to a cushioned deep seating rocker that completes any outdoor space, we have several options. Also, keep reading to learn more about the history of rocking chairs and how to choose one … Continue reading Comparing Porch Rocking Chair Styles

5 Quick & Easy Home Cleaning Tips

The best part of summer is enjoying more opportunities to get outside. Baseball games, running through the sprinkler, grilling on the patio with family, and sipping on some wine while relaxing in a POLYWOOD Adirondack. But, more time outside means tracking extra messes into our homes, and if you don’t stay on top of cleaning, dirt can easily be transferred to every corner of the … Continue reading 5 Quick & Easy Home Cleaning Tips