How to Integrate a POLYWOOD Fire Pit Table Into Your Space

Coax your kids from the glow of their tablet screens to the natural glow of a burning fire in the comfort of your backyard. What’s better than relaxing by the fire, roasting marshmallows, or telling ghost stories just steps away from the house? It’s the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories and unplug as a family. Once you’re ready to choose the perfect fire centerpiece … Continue reading How to Integrate a POLYWOOD Fire Pit Table Into Your Space

Our 5 Favorite Ways to Entertain Outside

So, how are you reading this article? Perched over your laptop? Cradling your smartphone or tablet? As a culture we are becoming steadily more obsessed with technology, and with all this scientific advancement comes a tendency for us, and especially our kiddos, to stay indoors. Don’t let your beautiful patio go to waste — we’ve compiled our five favorite outdoor pastimes so you can spend … Continue reading Our 5 Favorite Ways to Entertain Outside


Introducing Vintage Finish

Since 1990, we’ve built outdoor furniture with our genuine POLYWOOD® lumber featuring a smooth, satin-painted wood appearance — our Classic Finish. Fast forward almost 30 years later, and we’re thrilled to introduce a brand new finish! Vintage Finish Inspired by wire-brushed textures, our new Vintage Finish has a subtle texture and richness of matte-painted wood. Just like our Classic Finish, Vintage is made from recycled … Continue reading Introducing Vintage Finish