USA Kitchen Tour: Hawaii

Hawaiian cuisine is a blend of ingredients and cultures. The Hawaiian islands were first home to indigenous Polynesians. When they settled on the islands, they ate what was available to them, which consisted mainly of sweet potatoes, pork, and seafood. As time went on, immigrants from Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Portugal, and other countries came to the islands, bringing their gastronomic sensibilities. In fact, Spam … Continue reading USA Kitchen Tour: Hawaii

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

You may not realize it, but your outdoor cushions and pillows have to withstand a lot. Direct sunlight, pouring rain, dirt and dust, wine spills, greasy sunblock splatters, and the list goes on and on. While they’re constructed out of fabric made to endure harsh outdoor conditions, your cushions are still susceptible to stains and damage — especially if they’re left out during winter or … Continue reading How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

USA Kitchen Tour: New England

When the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620, they brought many changes to what we now know as America. But one thing that often gets overlooked is their influence on food, particularly New England cuisine. Since the Pilgrims were situated along the coast and relied on raising cattle, seafood and dairy products remain cornerstones of New England cuisine. Also, they were fond of baking … Continue reading USA Kitchen Tour: New England

USA Kitchen Tour: The Midwest

The foods of the Midwest are considered hearty and straightforward. If you ever travel through the heartland, you’re bound to find simple dishes like casseroles, stews, and sandwiches. Plus, there’s almost always a good helping of dairy and carbs in every meal.  These three dishes are staples of Midwestern cuisine, and you can easily prepare these recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen: Scalloped … Continue reading USA Kitchen Tour: The Midwest