Decompression Tips for Busy Days

Lives are changing in unexpected ways and you’re adapting to your “new normal” lifestyle as best as you can. You’re mostly likely telecommuting, the kids are learning through Zoom, and the weekend movie nights you look forward to are now few and far between. When you’re balancing being a parent, homeschool teacher, and career-driven worker, things can get stressful pretty quickly. To cope with this … Continue reading Decompression Tips for Busy Days

Choosing Wine for Holiday Meals

The holiday season is one of the best opportunities to spend quality time with your family and enjoy indulgent meals together. Plus, you might have some time off from your busy work schedule to get in the kitchen and whip up a recipe you’ve always wanted to try. Do you know what makes holiday feasts even better? Wine! Keep reading to learn more about the … Continue reading Choosing Wine for Holiday Meals