How to Host Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving has been a huge holiday in recent years, with seven in 10 Americans ranging from ages 18 to 38 preferring Friendsgiving over a traditional Thanksgiving. We totally get it — you don’t have to worry about being on your best behavior, offending grandma, or being bombarded with personal questions. If you’ve ever felt this way on Turkey Day, why not host Friendsgiving and celebrate … Continue reading How to Host Friendsgiving

12 Fascinating Earth Day Facts and History

April 22 is Earth Day, a chance to take a moment from your busy schedule and appreciate the amazing life this planet provides. While you may be aware of this day, you might not know much about it or how it originated. Keep reading to discover 12 fascinating Earth Day facts and the history surrounding this holiday.  12 Earth Day Facts  1 – Earth Day … Continue reading 12 Fascinating Earth Day Facts and History

The 6 Best Earth Day Recycling Tips and Tricks

Earth Day is a great time to evaluate your lifestyle and see how you can be more “green.” Recycling is a great way to be more environmentally friendly, but many people see it as a chore. Well, it doesn’t have to be! Recycling is a fantastic way to spend time with your kids while also showing care for Mother Nature. Here are several recycling projects … Continue reading The 6 Best Earth Day Recycling Tips and Tricks

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is an important date to set aside time to appreciate and give back to our planet. This day is also an excellent opportunity to bond with your kids and teach them ways to care for Mother Nature. We’ve rounded up 15 fun Earth Day activities you can do with your kids, from crafty projects to delicious recipes. 1. DIY Bird Feeder You don’t … Continue reading Earth Day Activities for Kids

Celebrating Earth Day

When asked to write about Earth Day, I was excited to learn what POLYWOOD is currently doing sustainability-wise, but I also wanted to get involved in creating more change. There are many ways in which we can make a difference, even with just small changes, but first let’s look at how Earth Day began. In 1969, the damage done by a massive oil spill in … Continue reading Celebrating Earth Day

20 Winter Activities for the Whole Family

The winter months are full of potential! This unique time of year presents opportunities for you and your family to bond in special ways. To inspire some holiday cheer, we’ve come up with a list of festive activities everyone will enjoy from the young to the young at heart. 1 — Have a Bonfire Gathering fireside is great when it’s done outside in your own … Continue reading 20 Winter Activities for the Whole Family


DIY Flamingo Valentines

For me, Valentine’s Day hasn’t really been the same since elementary school. Who doesn’t love receiving a bunch of valentine’s notes and, more importantly, lots of candy? Sure, having a valentine who’s obligated to buy you presents is nice and all (no judgment to those who love it), but nowadays Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for me to buy pretty pink and red candy … Continue reading DIY Flamingo Valentines


2015 Christmas Luncheon Recap

Two weeks ago, we held our annual company-wide Christmas luncheon. We were able to utilize our showroom space again this year with 30 tables spread throughout the area. As we plan to double in size next year, this may be the last time we can all fit in this space! For food, we had Essenhaus cater. They offer the best comfort foods: ham, beef, homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, rolls, … Continue reading 2015 Christmas Luncheon Recap

Giving Back to our Community

The holidays here at POLYWOOD have been filled with fun, food, and the company of great co-workers. We celebrated another white elephant gift exchange, ugly sweater contest, and a delicious holiday carry-in. But for me, the greatest part of the holidays is giving back. Like last year, we chose to help people right here in our own community. And, we’re very fortunate to have such … Continue reading Giving Back to our Community


DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

‘Tis the season to pull out your great Grandmother’s hand-knitted sweater vest from the ’50s, put some tinsel in your hair, and party your reindeer socks off. But, are you looking for something more than your sweater hand-me-down this year? Do you want to put a personal touch on your ugly sweater this season? Well, look no further, you filthy animals, I’ve got the information … Continue reading DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater