Celebrating Earth Day

When asked to write about Earth Day, I was excited to learn what POLYWOOD is currently doing sustainability-wise, but I also wanted to get involved in creating more change. There are many ways in which we can make a difference, even with just small changes, but first let’s look at how Earth Day began. In 1969, the damage done by a massive oil spill in … Continue reading Celebrating Earth Day

Facts About Plastic in the Ocean: 2020 Update

Whether you’re marveling at its beauty from the comfort of your deck or exploring the waters during a day at the beach, the ocean is one of nature’s most beautiful sights. But the sea isn’t indestructible. Each year, eight million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean, wreaking havoc on the oceanic ecosystem. Here are four astonishing facts about how much plastic is … Continue reading Facts About Plastic in the Ocean: 2020 Update

How Does Plastic Get into the Ocean?

There’s just no way of getting around it — plastic is nearly everywhere in our daily lives. Whether you’re picking up a take-and-bake family meal from the grocery store or squirting out the last bit of toothpaste, the chances are pretty high that plastic is involved. Plastic does have its benefits, especially when it comes to food packaging. Plastic is not only durable and lightweight, … Continue reading How Does Plastic Get into the Ocean?


How a Milk Jug Becomes an Adirondack Chair

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re giving you an inside look at how we take ocean-bound and landfill-bound plastic and turn it into beautiful outdoor furniture. A Little History Since the 1950s, the mass production of disposable plastic has rapidly increased. Unfortunately, plastic is extremely slow to degrade — scientists still don’t know exactly how long plastics will exist after they end up in a … Continue reading How a Milk Jug Becomes an Adirondack Chair

Recap Header

Looking Back on 2017

Happy New Year! As every year does, this past year flew by. We’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on 2017 here at POLYWOOD and we thought it would be exciting to share a few accomplishments you’ve directly helped us achieve globally, locally, and educationally. Global Impact 2017 was our first full year running our new recycling line. In bringing this part of the process … Continue reading Looking Back on 2017


POLYWOOD Employee Fall Spirit Week

It’s been a while since we’ve done a culture post! Our unique culture here at POLYWOOD is something we’re pretty proud of. We’re all familiar with working hard towards a common goal, but we also value a little downtime with our fellow co-workers. Whether we’re gathering for a company lunch, hosting a company-wide softball tournament, or raising money by dunking our leadership in a dunk … Continue reading POLYWOOD Employee Fall Spirit Week

Adirondacks on a Beach

Behind the Shot: Northern Michigan Photoshoot

Back in September, we had the opportunity to visit Traverse City, MI for a photoshoot. We partnered with an excellent vacation rental property, Lakemore Retreat. Lakemore consists of three unique homes on Arbutus Lake, and it was the ideal location for a POLYWOOD photoshoot. If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed our Michigan trip was the main feature for a while: Our crew … Continue reading Behind the Shot: Northern Michigan Photoshoot

Coffee Break with Keith Puckett

We recently set out to take a peek into the mind of our New Product Development Manager, Keith Puckett. Since I’m new to POLYWOOD and specialize in video, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to film our conversation. We discovered that Keith is not only an engineering wizard, but also a loving husband/father/grandfather and motorcycle fanatic.  When asked about the biggest challenge of his job, Keith … Continue reading Coffee Break with Keith Puckett


Behind the Scenes: Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Planning for media-heavy events can be stressful, but in my experience, they’re truly rewarding. You’ve probably never thought about what all goes into planning, say, a company’s ribbon-cutting ceremony. Well, there are a lot of calls to make.  It really comes down to making a plan as early as possible and communicating that plan to everyone involved. This past month, we held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony


Employee Q&A

Every once in a while, Amanda and I travel outside our dark marketing corner (we like to work in the dark) and talk with employees throughout different departments to discuss what they like about working at POLYWOOD, what they love in life, etc. It’s basically a shortened version of our Coffee Break posts. Amanda shoots the photos and I ask the questions. We hope it gives you … Continue reading Employee Q&A