Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is an important date to set aside time to appreciate and give back to our planet. This day is also an excellent opportunity to bond with your kids and teach them ways to care for Mother Nature. We’ve rounded up 15 fun Earth Day activities you can do with your kids, from crafty projects to delicious recipes.

1. DIY Bird Feeder

You don’t have to build a bird feeder from wood. You and your child can easily make one out of household products like a plastic bottle, egg carton, or toilet paper roll. Check out our How to Build a Bird Feeder blog to learn more information.

2. Start a Compost Bin

Composting is the natural decomposition of food and yard waste, which results in nutrient-rich soil you can use in your garden. So instead of throwing this waste in the trash, you and your kids can put it in your compost bin. There are compost bins for sale, but you can also build a stylish compost bin yourself.

3. DIY Milk Jug Watering Can

This is one of the easiest Earth Day projects you can do with your kids. It doesn’t matter if you have a gallon or half-gallon milk jug. All you have to do is poke tiny holes through the plastic cap using a needle and lighter. After that, you can give it to your child and let them water your garden!

4.  Earth Day Cookie Recipe

Kids love cookies, so why not bake delicious sugar cookies that look like our big, blue planet? There are plenty of Earth Day cookie recipes out there, but if you want to be extra eco-friendly, give this vegan recipe a try.

5. Earth Day Ornaments

If you’re looking for fun Earth Day crafts to do with your kids, consider making globe ornaments. You only need paint, clear pop-apart ornaments, and string to hang the ornaments.

6. Plant a Tree

Whether they’re in your backyard or front lawn, trees help purify the earth’s air while also adding curb appeal to your home. Bond with your kids and plant a tree together!

7. Earth Day Slime

Slime is a big hit with kids lately, so let’s give this fun activity an Earth Day twist! Playing with slime isn’t just mindless entertainment, either. It teaches your child about science and helps them utilize and understand their senses.

8. Make Dirt Pudding Cups with Gummy Worms

This easy-to-make dessert looks like something you’d see in your backyard. But once you and your kids put the ingredients together, it’ll be a tasty treat to celebrate Earth Day. Learn to make dirt pudding cups here.

9. Clean a Community Area

Take your kids to their favorite park or playground, then pick up any litter you can find and dispose of it properly. This Earth Day project is a good time to explain to your children the importance of recycling and how litter impacts our planet. Afterwards, reward your kids with ice cream!

10. Earth Day Bug Hunt

If you don’t have time to take your kids anywhere, a bug hunt makes a perfect Earth Day activity to do in your backyard. Give your kids a magnifying glass and a journal, then see how many critters they can identify.

11. Try a Plant-Based Burger Recipe

Do you know that meat and dairy production accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions? For dinner on Earth Day, consider a plant-based meal. If your kids don’t like vegetables, treat them to something they’d really want to scarf down — a burger! There are tons of plant-based burger recipes. Once you find the perfect one, you and your kids will have a great time making burgers together.

12. Earth Day Coloring Book

Let your child’s imagination and creativity come alive by coloring. Be sure to buy a coloring book or download and print some coloring pages. Then, step outside onto your patio or deck and start coloring with your kids.

13. Earth Day Peanut Butter Pop Recipe

A full-size cake may be too much to bake and eat for your kids. Instead, consider making peanut butter pops that resemble our planet. Decorating these smaller treats might be a little tricky, but that’s all part of the fun!

14. Paper Plate Earth

Do you have paper plates around your house? If so, you and your kids can create a paper plate earth. All you need is paper plates, scissors, glue, construction paper, and crepe paper. Then, you’ll have a fun Earth Day activity to do with your kids

15. Explore Your Neighborhood

One way to celebrate Earth Day with your kids is going for a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood. Enjoy the fresh air and admire the beauty of nature, from singing birds to the glistening sunshine. 


Whether you try out a recipe, get crafty, or help out your community in some way, there are tons of kid-friendly activities to celebrate Earth Day. Take this time to connect with your kids and be grateful for the amazing planet we all share.

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  1. I love this because it gets kids active and engaged and helps them learn about the importance of something like Earth Day and why we celebrate and what we can do to keep our planet safe. These are some simple, yet, effective ways we can do our part on Earth Day. The kids are really good about participating in causes like these.

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