Dog Dates of Summer

I’m a big dog lover, as I mention in my bio, and I hate when I have to leave my dog at home alone. At the beginning of the summer, I visited all of the local dog-friendly areas here in Syracuse and continued my search for more throughout the surrounding areas.

Turns out, if you do a little research and make a few phone calls, your favorite spots may just let you bring your furry companion!

Dog Dates of Summer
Featured above is Tilly (top) a Pit/Lab mix and Loki (bottom) a Great Dane

Here in Indiana, it’s only warm for about four to five months out of the year, so we like to take advantage of that as much as we can. Why not have our dogs join in on our fun? Jenni, my co-worker and fellow dog lover, thought it would be a great thing to start inviting our four-legged friends to happy hour with us on the lake!

Dog Dates of Summer
Oakwood Resort’s The Pier and Back Porch restaurant – Syracuse, IN

I know it can be difficult to find dog-friendly restaurants, especially in climates where it’s cold longer than it’s warm. Usually, most restaurants and bars with an outdoor patio will happily let your dogs come along (as long as they are well-behaved). To be sure though, it’s always best to call ahead.

A great resource to search for dog-friendly restaurants in your area is I’ve used it to look up bed and breakfasts, hotels, restaurants, and even beaches!

Loki at Grand Mere State Park, Michigan
Dog-friendly beach at Grand Mere State Park, Michigan

My dog Loki turned one recently and we found a local place, Joe’s Ice Cream Shop, where we could take him for a special birthday treat just for dogs called the Ice Cream Pupwich : )

Joe's Ice Cream Shop, Syracuse, IN
Joe’s Ice Cream Shop, Syracuse, IN


I’ve also found through experience and research that even some drive-thru restaurants have special items for your dogs. Many have a “secret menu” just for dogs or they simply offer dog treats if they spot your pet in the car with you.

A few drive-thrus to take advantage of: Dairy Queen, Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, Sonic, In-N-Out Burger, Culver’s, Shake Shack, Johnny Rockets, and many many more.

Hopefully, you can find a few dog-friendly places in your area, too!

Blog Post Updated March 8, 2021


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