How Do You #RethinkOutdoor? Part 1

Your outdoor space isn’t just a space, it’s an extension of your home and is just as important as any other room in the house. In fact, there are some things that you can ONLY experience outdoors, making your outdoor living space quite unique.

With this knowledge in mind, last July we reached out to YOU to learn how you’re creating amazing experiences and lasting memories in your outdoor space. Your responses were incredible, and below, here are some of our favorite ways we’re seeing how you’re transforming the outside into a true living space — how you #RethinkOutdoor. 

Bess C. Charlotte, NC: A “dog’s playground” becomes a backyard retreat

Tell us about your outdoor space: When I purchased my home back in 2014 the backyard certainly left something to be desired. Although the space was very large, it was also very overgrown and basically only used as a playground for the dog. Earlier this year, I decided that it was time to #rethinkoutdoor and I hired someone to help bring my vision of a great outdoor space to life. With lots of help, the space you see in this picture is now one of my favorite things about my home. I look forward to the many memories to come relaxing in the backyard with my family, friends, and super cute pup, McGriff.  

What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Memory? My favorite memories so far involve reclining in my new POLYWOOD chairs while sipping a glass of wine and listening to music around the fire with my friends and family or reading in the hammock on Saturday mornings. I can’t wait for more memories in my new outdoor space.

Brandy R. Charlotte, CA: Eclipse watching and more!

Eclipse Watching

Tell us about your outdoor space: Our space is a patio in our backyard. Instead of a chimney or a fire pit, I wanted something a little different. My fiancé found an original midcentury fireplace off Craigslist and gifted it to me for my birthday. For the patio, we did the foundation work ourselves — planned the space, dug the 18′ circular area, and then moved all the dirt — a long project that lasted much of the spring. We then had a local mason come and lay the concrete and stamped it with a design.  

What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Memory? Our favorite memory so far is being able to watch the eclipse from my POLYWOOD chairs on the patio space. Charlotte was pretty close to the totality path, so we took full advantage! The picture above has some of the shadow bands from during the eclipse.

Dan W. Mamaroneck, NY: Making S’Mores and Making Memories

Making S'mores

Tell us about your outdoor space: I built the deck off our house with a stone area and fire pit surrounded by composite chairs.

What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Memory? For my daughter who is now in college we had around 30 of her friends over for her 13th birthday party which is December 31st. It was a very warm New Year’s Eve and we were able to build a huge fire and cook s’mores all night and listen to music. 

Liz S. Windsor, CO: A “Great Gathering Place”


Tell us about your outdoor space: Our back patio is our outdoor oasis.

What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Memory? This is a great gathering place — whether it is just my husband and me or our kids and their friends, we love getting together around the fire pit to share stories and make memories!

David E. Midlothian, VA: A place for life, laughter, and love


Tell us about your outdoor space: Our place sits on an 80’ cliff that overlooks the James River. We built a 14’ x 32’ deck in 2015 (preparation for our youngest son’s wedding that happened there!) — this deck has become our FAVORITE living space year-round! We have a propane fire pit that knocks the chill off a cool morning sunrise or allows us to sit outside late into the evening.

What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Memory? My wife’s grandparents purchased this property in 1949. Our youngest son was married there while standing at the edge of that cliff in 2015 and our oldest son was married there on September 9, 2017. To say this place has been special to us is an understatement. We have shed tears of joy over weddings, life successes, and general laughter. We have also shed tears of sadness over family and friends who are no longer with us. My absolute favorite time is sitting on the deck just before dawn, all things completely quiet and still, and experiencing the sunrise. Each one is completely unique.  Each one puts my soul at ease and helps to center me for the day to come.

Do you have an amazing space? We’d love to see it! Show off your outdoor oasis with a picture on Instagram using #RethinkOutdoor! Ready to build or add to your outdoor space? Check out the latest POLYWOOD Furniture and start building your dream space.

Blog Post Updated March 22, 2021

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