Comparing Deep Seating Styles

When it comes to outdoor rest and relaxation nothing can hold a candle to deep seating furniture. Our expertly crafted deep seating furniture is upholstered for maximum cushioning and support, providing hours of extended comfort whether you’re sharing tall tales around the fire or simply soaking in the view.

POLYWOOD® deep seating furniture is available in many of our classic collections, but at first glance they can appear pretty similar. Ultimately choosing which style of deep seating is right for your home will come down to your home’s aesthetic and your particular draw to the unique design aspects of our deep seating pieces. Read more about each deep seating design below to make your final selection.

Vineyard Deep Seating

The Vineyard Collection is our newest deep seating collection and carries a couple of styles depending on your needs. Both the Vineyard Deep Seating Chair and the Vineyard Deep Seating Rocking Chair boast seat heights of 17” or higher, making them an ideal choice for taller folks that want a little more space for their legs to stretch out.

The Vineyard Deep Seating Chair balances supportive seat cushions with buttoned back pillows. This is the only deep seating option that features the plush buttoned back pillows. The POLYWOOD lumber is constructed with clean minimal lines to complement most decor. The Vineyard Deep Seating options feature the widest selection of lumber and cushion options — choose between seven neutral and Earth tone lumbers and over 15 cushion colors and prints.

The Vineyard Deep Seating Rocking Chair is the only deep seating option designed with rockers for a gentle relaxing motion. The combination of Sunbrella® cushions and the glide of rocking back and forth is perfect for afternoon dozing. Other than the ability to rock back and forth, this design is identical to the Vineyard Deep Seating Chair.

In addition to the Vineyard Deep Seating Chair and Deep Seating Rocking Chair this collection includes a coordinating ottoman, settee, and sofa. To complete your deep seating set, the Vineyard Collection pairs perfectly with our Newport end tables, coffee and conversation tables.

Harbour Deep Seating Chair

The Harbour Deep Seating Chair is a luxurious and slightly more modern style when compared to the Vineyard Deep Seating Chair. The shape and construction is simple, but the contemporary, smooth surfaces and shorter seat height set it apart from our Vineyard Collection. The Harbour Deep Seating Chair has a slimmer profile and two inches taller than the Vineyard options.

Pair the Harbour Deep Seating Chair with the Harbour End Table and Coffee Table for a complete coordinated outdoor space to relax, snack, and swap stories.

Club Chair

The Club Chair is styled as an outdoor version of your favorite TV recliner, and as such the deep seating chair has a slanted and thick seat cushion that allows you to sink back and fully relax. The straight edges and open space between the armrests and legs of the chair create a simple elegance that is sure to impress.

Complement your seating with a matching Club Coffee Table or Side Table to add functionality to your favorite outdoor escape. Both tables offer clean lines, timeless sophistication, and sturdy construction.

Mission Chair

The Mission Chair is a stylized takeoff from the Club Chair, incorporated five vertical slats along the sides between the legs to evoke the classic Spanish colonial mission architecture. This option also includes the slanted seat cushion you’ll find in the Club Chair, so if you want to sit back and lounge choose between these options based on your preferred design.

Extend the colonial style to your other outdoor furniture by pairing your Mission Chair with an attractive Mission Coffee Table or End Table that can withstand the elements.

No matter what style you choose you can fit everyone into your outdoor space. Each style of deep seating chair — Mission, Club, Harbour, and Vineyard — comes in two-seat deep seating settee and three-seat deep seating couch options. Determine the appropriate amount of seating for your porch or lawn and mix and match to your heart’s content.

Which POLYWOOD Deep Seating furniture did you ultimately go with? Let us know below!

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    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for taking the time to reach out! The Prescott line is a newer collection. These items can be found at under Styles > Deep Seating.

      If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re glad to help!

  1. considering the vintage white Lakeside or black Vineyard deep seat chairs. which one will ship faster? which one has a higher seat back?

    1. Hi Regina,
      Great question! The Vineyard Deep Seating Chair measures 31.5″ H and the Lakeside Deep Seating Chair is a tad taller measuring 31.81″ H. Both their current lead times are accurately displayed on their product pages on — thanks for asking!

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