25 Incredible Backyard Gazebo Ideas

Gazebos are beautiful and functional structures that can elevate your outdoor space to the next level. While often mistaken for pergolas, gazebos typically have solid roofs, while pergolas feature open cross beams. If you check any gazebo Pinterest board, you’ll quickly realize there are hundreds of design possibilities. If you’re looking for backyard gazebo ideas, here are 25 creative designs to inspire you. 

1. Gazebo Bar

A gazebo is an excellent place to build a backyard bar since they feature lots of shade for afternoon entertaining. However you decide to design your gazebo bar, we offer several counter- and bar-height stools to accommodate your space.

2. Grain Bin Gazebo

Grain bins aren’t only for storing dry corn and soybeans. In fact, you can repurpose a grain bin into your own farmhouse-style gazebo. It’s a unique backyard fixture that will undoubtedly stand out in your neighborhood. 

3. Traditional Gazebo

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with the classics. When it comes to gazebos, whitewashed wood lattice panels and a shingled roof are your cornerstones. Once it’s complete, you’ll have a charming gazebo similar to what you’d see at a park or botanical garden.

4. Poolside Gazebo

A poolside gazebo adds style and functionality to your backyard. When you pair high-quality poolside furniture with your gazebo, you’ll have a peaceful spot to relax and dry off after swimming.

5. Romantic Iron Gazebo

Perfect for photo opportunities or intimate brunches, a wrought iron gazebo with intricate details on the roof and posts provides a stately focal point for your landscape.

6. Brick Gazebo

If you’re looking for strength and durability, it’s hard to beat a brick gazebo. Plus, it adds a countryside flair to your backyard.

7. Luxury Pop-Up Gazebo

Not sure if you want to commit to a permanent gazebo? A pop-up gazebo is a good test run to see if this type of structure works in your backyard.

8. Reclaimed Wood Gazebo

Do your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle by transforming reclaimed wood into a gorgeous gazebo your friends and family will enjoy for many years to come.

9. Modern Metal Gazebo

Like bricks, metal materials are ultra-durable while still offering tons of style. If your tastes lean more modern, consider choosing a metal gazebo over a wood or brick one.

10. Japanese-Style Gazebo

If you have a garden or pond, a Japanese-style gazebo — known as an azumaya — makes a beautiful addition to your landscape. 

11. Tropical Gazebo

Switch out the shingles for a thatch roof, and you’ll have a tropic hideaway right in your backyard! For extra amenities, consider including a fire pit table to elevate the tropical vibes.

12. Hexagonal Gazebo

Traditionally, gazebos are octagonal in shape, but hexagonal gazebos are another popular option. They offer a more boxed look than their eight-sided counterparts, so compare the two designs to see what you like more. 

13. Living Roof Gazebo 

Let Mother Nature be the roof over your head with an inviting backyard gazebo with succulents on top. You can also opt for artificial turf to keep things easier.

14. Coastal Gazebo

Elevate your beach home with an oceanfront gazebo made for admiring the glistening waters. Soft blues, greens, and yellows, and creamy whites are an ideal color palette for your gazebo.

15. Stone Gazebo

Take a page right out of a fairytale and build a stately natural stone gazebo. To elevate this look even further, drape vines on top of the roof and install stone pavers leading to the gazebo.

16. Shabby Chic Gazebo

Some people think antiques are junk, while others believe they’re treasures. If you agree with the latter, then a shabby chic gazebo is perfect for your backyard. Décor is key, so the older it looks, the better!

17. Rustic Log Gazebo

If you have a ranch or live in a wooded area, a rustic log gazebo will complement your surroundings seamlessly. Adding screen enclosures will help keep things cool and ward off bugs. 

18. Mediterranean Gazebo 

Bring the atmosphere of the Mediterranean to your backyard with this stunning gazebo. Stately pillars and terracotta barrel roof tiles are key elements to include. 

19. Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo

Transform your gazebo into the ultimate outdoor kitchen. A fire pit table makes an excellent addition to your space, allowing you to spend time with your grandkids and make s’mores!

20. Enclosed Gazebo

Whatever your style preferences, you may want to consider enclosing your gazebo. Enclosures like retractable screens, curtains, and drapes are all great options to protect you and your family from the elements.

21. Small Gazebo

If you want to create an intimate space for reading, meditating, or having tea with a friend, a small gazebo provides the perfect ambiance. Backless benches and other small-space furniture will work well in this outdoor space.

22. Hot Tub Gazebo

Whether you already have a hot tub or not, installing a gazebo protects it from the elements. Consider adding curtains or sliding doors for extra protection and privacy.

23. Dome Gazebo

If you love to stargaze with your telescope, a dome gazebo offers an observatory look that you and your grandkids will love as you explore the cosmos.

24. Connected Gazebo

A gazebo is essentially an extension of your home! Whether it’s connected to your deck or the side of your home, your gazebo will definitely catch your neighbors’ attention.

25. Victorian Gazebo

A Victorian gazebo makes a grand statement for your landscape. Consider a design with a double roof and cupola for better ambiance.

Gazebo Decor Ideas

Once you decide what type of gazebo you want for your backyard, it’s time to focus on the details. Check out these gazebo decor ideas and landscaping tips: 


Give your home a grand statement with a backyard gazebo. It’s a gorgeous outdoor structure that makes a great setting for get-togethers with friends and family. Make an appointment with your contractor to collaborate on gazebo ideas.

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