Behind-the-Scenes: POLYWOOD Studio

Welcome to the POLYWOOD Studio! Or as we like to call it, “PolyMagic Studios”.

This is where we do most of our online photography and assembly videos (& where I spend most of my time).

Photography side of the studio

Fun Fact: The grey walls and floors provide a muted background so there are no harsh reflections or interferences with the color of the furniture. The gray is actually edited out in the final photo.

Video side of the studio for our assembly videos

If you happen to be shopping for our furniture online and see a picture like the one shown below, it was taken in our studio right here in Syracuse, IN.

See how we edited out the gray background…magic!

Harbour Deep Seating Chair

But, I will admit that photography and videography is not always as glamorous as it may seem.

When we need a photo of a product, we first have to order it from production.

Assembling the back of one of our sling rockers

Once the product arrives outside the studio, we’re in charge of assembling the pieces, moving it from one place to another, and then taking it apart again–all while working under very hot studio lights. (You could actually count parts of this job as your daily exercise.)

Rinse, repeat.

Can you feel the heat off of these lights?


Once the product is in the perfect position, we view the potential shot on a computer screen for a better view of the product’s details.

Believe it or not, it can take 30 minutes to photograph one chair! Setting up your lights and ensuring there are no harsh shadows or highlights is time consuming, but it’s worth the time to ensure that our products are well represented.


One of the great (and necessary) perks of working in the studio is that you can blast your favorite tunes. We would not survive without our wonderful Jawbone speakers and Pandora & Spotify playlists.

With the music going, it’s easy to get into a “zone” and let the time fly. But, sometimes it can get a little bit lonely when you’re working in there all day by yourself. So, it’s always nice to get a visit from your coworkers. 🙂

Jenni here, likes to stop by and visit me every once in a while and work on her poses.

One of Jenni’s classic poses.

Well, there you have it! A quick behind-the-scenes look into what it’s like to work in the “PolyMagic Studios”.

Want to listen along with us? 
Here’s our Marketing team’s Spotify playlist…

You can also check out some of our assembly videos made right here in the studio on our YouTube page.




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