Behind the Scenes: Ribbon Cutting

Planning for media-heavy events can be stressful, but in my experience, they’re truly rewarding.

You’ve probably never thought about what all goes into planning, say, a company’s ribbon cutting ceremony. Well, there are a lot of calls to make…lots. It really comes down to making a plan as early as possible and communicating that plan to everyone involved.

This past month, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony for our new manufacturing and warehousing facility, or as we call it, Building 5 (you may recall my post on the groundbreaking for this same building).

Event Overview

To help speed up the planning process for this event, we involved our local chambers of commerce. They’re truly a wonderful asset to businesses in our area…they took care of contacting our local governments, businesses, and media while providing the ceremonial props.


On my end, I led weekly meetings to begin working on all the other details:

Checklist v2

Once these items fell into place, we were ready — well, we thought we were.

Did I mention that events are great because they keep you on your toes?

Unfortunately, you can’t plan for everything…it’s inevitable that something will go wrong. But, you can plan for that.

The morning of the ceremony, we noticed that the main thoroughfare to the new building had closed due to a water main break down the street (whoops!). Luckily, we had a wonderful team help move our directional road signs and re-route guests who were arriving to where they needed to be.

Ribbon-Cutting Agenda

Ribbon is cut

Camera Interviews

All in all, the event went well and the post-event/tour of our facilities was a snap. We made it on the local evening news, several newspapers and online editions.

Company Tour

A big thank you to all who helped put this together, including the Syracuse-Wawasee and Kosciusko County Chambers.

If you’d like some information on our new facility, feel free to check out our news release here.


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