Behind the Shot: Las Vegas Photoshoot

At the end of January, Dannielle and I went out to Las Vegas to shoot some of our latest furniture designs. I’ve actually been to Vegas a few times with POLYWOOD to set up our permanent showroom in the World Market Center (and another time for a bachelor party… but we won’t get into that), but what was nice about this shoot is that we were able to see what Las Vegas was like off of the Strip.

The pieces we shot from the new Quattro Collection, feature modern, straight lines and four slats on the back of each chair (including Adirondacks, rockers, dining, and bar chairs). The Quattro Collection has yet to be released (it’s coming soon!), so this is the first sneak peek of the new look and some behind-the-scenes shots from our photoshoot.

The Location

We knew we wanted to do a shoot for this collection around January, which meant traveling to a warmer location. Las Vegas felt like the right spot to pair our new collection with a more modern desert home and it just happened to be the home state of our on-site photographer, Erin O’Boyle.

An example of the homes and terrain we saw in the particular community we shot at in Vegas.

Turns out people from Vegas don’t all live in casinos.

One of my favorite parts of a photoshoot is experiencing the amazing homes and outdoor spaces you see in our images. The particular house we shot at in Vegas was built by Sun West Custom Homes and is actually one of our most unique locations to date. Their portfolio of projects is definitely worth a look.

(Image courtesy of Sun West Custom Homes)

The house was just what we were looking for, a combination of modern elements with a warm and homey feel (the curves on the roofline are a great juxtaposition to all the straight lines). Plus, you can’t beat a house with a swim-up bar!


I loved the stone that was featured on the exterior of the house. The coolness of our POLYWOOD Slate Grey lumber looked great against it. Their patios were a gorgeous, warm teak that also complimented the Slate Grey sets.

There was only one downside of this location… not falling in the pool was a constant struggle. 

Sun West Custom Homes
(Image courtesy of Sun West Custom Homes)

Dannielle said she had to keep reminding herself to step on the square “pads” when she was moving props back and forth across the pool. Luckily, no one (nor any of our equipment) took the plunge. 

Our Photographer

I mentioned our photographer is based out of Las Vegas, his company is Erin O’Boyle Photographics. This was POLYWOOD’s first time working with Erin, and believe it or not the first time we met him in person was the day before our shoot.

Our photographer, Erin (courtesy of his Instagram @eobphotolv)

Erin and his team were great to work with; they knew each other’s movements and most of the time assisted one another without even speaking.

This was Dannielle’s first non-local photo shoot, and my first shoot with only one other POLYWOOD person, but we all worked really well together. The O’Boyle team was efficient, yet maintained the flexibility that’s required on any photoshoot. At the end of the day, we were able to capture 12 different products making this shoot one of our most efficient to date.

Mike and Sarah, from Erin’s crew, bouncing some light and grabbing a bit of video.
Erin and I going over the shot list and establishing that we both have a dirty vocabulary, which we both agree makes it easier, if not more fun, to communicate.

The Styling

Shout out to our in-house stylist, Caitlin, for picking out the majority of our props! And big thanks to Erin’s wife, Sherri, who picked up last-minute items like plants, flowers, and food. We had some great-looking props to accent our furniture and the location.


We can’t get over the angle in this side table’s legs. It’s also featured in the legs of the conversation table which we surrounded with four Adirondacks.


Our cheese tray looked great styled on the conversation table, but it tasted even better as a snack in between shots. When it comes to styling a scene, I’m really good at eating the props.

Check out that texture on this stone that was featured on the swim-up bar.

The End Result

After months of planning and a long day of shooting, we ended up with stunning images that were well worth all the hard work. Just like any other POLYWOOD photoshoot, it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience at the same time.

Below are some of my favorite shots that we captured. You can see the rest of the photos when the Quattro Collection launches in the upcoming months.

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Blog Post Updated March 9, 2021

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  1. Stunning. These images look fantastic. I have no many amateur photographers in my life and it seems like they get 1 in 50 shots that have that professional look. There really is something to be said for being a master of your craft.

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