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Behind the Shot: Northern Michigan Photoshoot

Back in September, we had the opportunity to visit Traverse City, MI for a photoshoot. We partnered with an excellent vacation rental property, Lakemore RetreatLakemore consists of three unique homes on Arbutus Lake, and it was the ideal location for a POLYWOOD photoshoot.

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed our Michigan trip was the main feature for a while:


Our crew of six spent the better part of a week up North, and we brought home many great photos and videos of our products. Here’s a peek behind-the-scenes of one of our most successful lifestyle photoshoots to date.

The Location

Lakemore Retreat is made up of three neighboring homes: The Cabin, The Cottage, and The Lodge.

The Cottage and The Lodge are mirrored floor plans of one another.

Image courtesy of Lakemore Retreat

The Cabin is adjacent to The Cottage and was recently remodeled.

Image courtesy of Lakemore Retreat

The basecamp for our crew was The Cottage. After long days of shooting, it was great to come ‘home’ and relax in this kitchen!

Image courtesy of Lakemore Retreat

The best part of Lakemore Retreat is by far the view! Here’s a shot of just one of the many great sunsets we were able to capture in our photos.

Sunset on Arbutus Lake

The Shoot

This info-packed itinerary is what kept us organized on the shoot. Most of us referred to it as the “Photoshoot Bible”. It had everything from furniture and prop lists to the feeling/mood we wanted to capture (i.e. “Relaxing morning tea with friends”).

Shot Itinerary

Our La Croix team has a photoshoot problem. This stuff is the gasoline that powers our shoot.

La Croix

While I can’t give away too many of our shots quite yet, I can share a couple of sneak peeks!

Palm Coast Ultimate Adirondack with Hideaway Ottoman in Sunset Red
Fire Adirondacks
Palm Coast Folding Adirondack and 18” Round Side Table in White
S'mores and Adirondack
Classic Folding Adirondack in Aruba and 18” Round Side Table in Sand

The Crew

We really had an excellent crew in Michigan and we each put in a lot of long hours to make sure everything went off without a hitch. At the end of each long day, it was great to wind down and enjoy the location together as a team.

Shane Dipping Guac

Shane W. (pictured left) was our build crew and is also seen here moonlighting as a hand model. Jim (pictured right) is our videographer and does an excellent job of capturing magical moments like this well-executed guacamole dip.


Don’t be fooled by the photo! Amanda is one of our photographers and typically behind the camera, so it’s hard to find a shot of her. Here she’s checking her work email and picking up some litter she found on the beach…


This is me and our two stylists/bloggers, Dannielle and Caitlin. The beer in our hands is our way of ensuring none of our Michigan-themed props went to waste after a shot.

Stay at Lakemore!

We loved Lakemore Retreat so much that we can’t help but rave about how perfect it would be for a family getaway! If you’re interested in booking any of the three properties, check out their website or their listings on CottageLodge, and Cabin.


For the Record

Lastly, I wanted to post the best piece of footage from the shoot for all the internet to see:

Eight skips! A new personal stone skippin’ record by yours truly!

Blog Post Updated March 16, 2021

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