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Looking Back on 2017

Happy New Year!

As every year does, this past year flew by. We’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on 2017 here at POLYWOOD and we thought it would be exciting to share a few accomplishments you’ve directly helped us achieve globally, locally, and educationally.

Global Impact

2017 was our first full year running our new recycling line. In bringing this part of the process in-house we’re able to receive truckloads of trash and turn them into treasured, all-weather furniture.

Here’s a quick look at our process:

Recycle Line Process

Overall we kept 54 million landfill-bound and ocean-bound plastic containers from polluting our planet!

Local Impact

2017 was another great year of growth for us and we created 50 new jobs for our community! We also expanded our donation program — donating an average of one piece of furniture per week to local charitable organizations.

Educational Impact

2017 also marked the formation of our School Recycling Program with local schools. Students from seven different schools donated milk jugs and earned their school a POLYWOOD Bench!

Take a look at a video recap of how discarded plastic becomes a piece of POLYWOOD furniture — big thanks to the students at Wawasee Middle School for showing us the proper way to gather, clean, and stomp on milk jugs!

Thank you to our employees, community, and customers for a wonderful 2017 of giving back. It’s through your support that helps us make a greater impact both on and beyond the POLYWOOD campus!

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Blog Post Updated April 9, 2021

2 thoughts on “Looking Back on 2017

  1. Dear Polywood,
    Besides LOVING my Polywood furniture, this release of the good PW does for their community and the planet makes me very proud to own products from PW. Keep up the good work… our country needs more employers like you!

    Best regards!

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