POLYWOOD Groundbreaking Ceremony

We’ve been pretty busy here at POLYWOOD preparing for our new 230,000 square foot facility — the fourth expansion for us in five years. Last month, I had the pleasure of helping coordinate the groundbreaking ceremony as we gathered with DJ Construction, media, family, and friends.


Rain, Rain Go Away. Come Again Another Day

This summer, much of the weather has been rainy here in Northern Indiana. As our groundbreaking approached, it wasn’t looking like it would clear up. The only sunny day the week of the event had been forecasted for the day before, making attendance questionable.




The morning of the event, Doug Rassi, President of POLYWOOD, passed along some words of weather wisdom to me,

Rain before seven, fine before eleven.

He mentioned his father always followed that proverb, and it was always right.

Well, an hour before the event, the rain had passed. The team finished set-up near the construction site and we were ready to roll. Cars started pulling in and before we knew it there were 50 people — including state representatives, town council, prominent local business owners, and the media.


Doug spoke about how he sees the new building serving as a,

significant mile mark in the history of the company and a landmark in the community,

and that it represents

the year POLYWOOD became visible to our surrounding community as a company, as a brand, and as a great employer in the area.


Pete Garber, Project Manager from DJ Construction

The new facility will bring nearly five and a half acres of usable floor space and create a more efficient process for manufacturing and shipping POLYWOOD’s 5,000 different pieces of furniture.

Being able to put all of this under one roof will be a fantastic experience,” Rassi stated. “From start to finish we’ll be able to make the furniture and ship it without taking it across the street to another building.

The building is planned to be open by November 2015, with manufacturing to start in February 2016.

From left to right: Brady Maller, Vice President of Strategy & Development; Sean Rassi, Vice President of Design & Technology; Doug Rassi, Co-Founder & President; Mark Phillabaum, Co-Founder & Vice President of Strategic Sales; Megan Pierson, Director of Sales & Marketing; Ross Munn, General Manager




For a peek at the full story on one of our local TV stations, visit: POLYWOOD breaks ground on a new facility in Syracuse

“Building 7” was previously on the land slated for our new building.


Blog Post Updated March 8, 2021

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  1. We live in Nevada in the majove desert and this furniture looks like it might be a good choice for our area, but I don’t see a way to buy on line or any store in our area or ant prices on your web site!

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