Circular Patio Ideas 

How to Style Circular Patios and Decks Pinterest boards and home makeover shows on TLC can transform circular patios and decks into zen works of art, elevating the lack of corners into an aesthetic asset. When you move into a home with a circular backyard, patio, or deck and start to plan the layout of your outdoor furniture, you will imagine modern minimalism, crafty curves, … Continue reading Circular Patio Ideas 

How To Design an Entry Patio or Porch

How To Design an Entry Patio or Porch

Your entry patio or porch is the first thing guests see when they visit. To ensure your home’s first impression is always impressive, carefully consider your furniture and design elements. If your outdoor entryway needs a pick-me-up, take a look through our step-by-step guide on how to design a front porch. These helpful tips and front porch ideas will boost your home’s curb appeal and … Continue reading How To Design an Entry Patio or Porch


A Colorful Adirondack Porch Makeover

You may remember Our First Porch Makeover featuring our Jefferson Woven Rockers. This summer, we were approached by a friend and neighbor of one of our sales employees. Blake and his wife, Amanda, were wrapping up the build of their new home and the vision for their front porch included POLYWOOD Tangerine South Beach Adirondacks. Our South Beach Adirondack sits higher than our other Adirondack styles (16-inch seat height), which … Continue reading A Colorful Adirondack Porch Makeover


POLYWOOD Porch Makeover

When our Creative Team first had the idea to put together some local outdoor makeovers featuring our furniture, it was the dead of winter. With our corporate headquarters in Indiana, there wasn’t a whole lot we could do but wait until the weather warmed up. Fast forward to spring and we thought, why not look in our own backyards? My aunt and uncle have an … Continue reading POLYWOOD Porch Makeover