Start a Fall Herb Garden

Planting an herb garden is an excellent way for beginners to develop a green thumb. Herbs are easy to grow, and many varieties take just a few weeks to fully mature from seed to harvest. Plus, you’ll save money by not having to buy fresh herbs from the grocery store. Follow below to learn how to start a fall herb garden from scratch and which … Continue reading Start a Fall Herb Garden

Gardening Tips for a Shaded Backyard

In an ideal world, every yard and garden would be blanketed in warm sunlight so your plants, shrubs, and flowers could reliably blossom throughout the season. However, the reality of gardening is that sunlight is far from given. Many apartments, condos, and homes are surrounded by structures or trees that block sunlight from huge portions of the garden. If you want your yard to look … Continue reading Gardening Tips for a Shaded Backyard

Garden Ideas for 3 Sizes of Outdoor Spaces

Any bit of earth can be transformed into an elegant outdoor retreat, no matter the size of your potential garden. You may assume that turning a sprawling backyard into a respectable garden is difficult, but wrapping your head around the possibilities of a tiny space and maximizing utility can prove even more challenging. Below are our favorite ideas for choosing outdoor living furniture and creating … Continue reading Garden Ideas for 3 Sizes of Outdoor Spaces