Circular Patio Ideas 

How to Style Circular Patios and Decks Pinterest boards and home makeover shows on TLC can transform circular patios and decks into zen works of art, elevating the lack of corners into an aesthetic asset. When you move into a home with a circular backyard, patio, or deck and start to plan the layout of your outdoor furniture, you will imagine modern minimalism, crafty curves, … Continue reading Circular Patio Ideas 

Designing Your Small Backyard or Outdoor Space

Homes come in all shapes and sizes. If you have any type of outdoor space you’ll want to transform it into a relaxing haven or a hotspot for revelry depending on your taste. Apartment dwellers in cities and homeowners with small yards may only have a bit of Earth to work with, but with vision and planning, you won’t be limited in the design of … Continue reading Designing Your Small Backyard or Outdoor Space