Furnish Your Outdoor Space: Modern & Contemporary

Choosing outdoor furniture is an investment, so how do you make sure it complements your home’s exterior for the long haul?

At POLYWOOD® Furniture, we offer an array of durable furniture in classic colors that will never go out of style. You can easily add some personality with colorful throw pillows and accent pieces — and then change them out when you need an update. But, it’s not as practical to swap out furniture as your design style changes over time.

Here’s our guide to choosing styles and colors of POLYWOOD Furniture that will fit right in with your contemporary or modern home’s facade now (and 20 years from now).

POLYWOOD Furniture for Your Contemporary Space

If your home’s style falls under the modern or contemporary category, we recommend our Quattro Collection. Just like contemporary design, this furniture collection pairs straight and curved lines for a sleek appearance.

Quattro Collection

Whether you’re furnishing your back patio with Adirondacks or outfitting your entire backyard with a variety of pieces the Quattro Collection offers the following furniture options:

Adirondack Chair

Simple to fold flat and travel with you by removing two ‘pins’ at the front of the chair, the Quattro Folding Adirondack also features a curved back and seat.


Rocking Chair

Quattro 3-Piece Rocking Chair Set
Quattro 3-Piece Rocking Chair Set

Combining the relaxed comfort of an Adirondack chair with the smooth rocking of a rocking chair, the Quattro Adirondack Rocker is a great addition to any front porch or back patio.



Quattro 7-Piece Dining Set
Quattro 7-Piece Dining Set

The Quattro Adirondack Dining Chair is ideal for outdoor dining and entertaining and features curved arms and a contoured seat and back for comfort.

For a sleek, modern look we recommend pairing this chair with our Harvest 39″ x 78″ or 39″ Dining Tables which combines durable aluminum legs and an all-weather POLYWOOD® lumber top. Instead of (6) dining chairs you could also pair (4) Quattro Adirondack Dining Chairs with (1) 65″ Harvest Bench.


If you’re looking for an all POLYWOOD® lumber table, we recommend our Farmhouse table. Available in 3 dining-height sizes, this table style features a sleek plank table top with inset legs providing plenty of legroom underneath.


Compatible seat cushion: 16.25″D x 17.5″W x 2.5″H


Quattro Adirondack Bar Chair
Quattro Adirondack Bar Chair

If you have a modern built-in outdoor bar our Quattro Adirondack Bar chairs are the perfect fit. They also pair with our Harvest 39″ Bar Table to comfortably seat four.


Just like our dining height, we offer our Farmhouse table in 3 bar-height sizes — a sleek plank table top with inset legs all made out of POLYWOOD lumber.

Compatible seat cushion: 16.25″D x 17.5″W x 2.5″H

Accessory Tables

If you’re thinking of purchasing a pair of Quattro Adirondacks, we recommend completing your set with our 18″ Side Table. Looking for a larger set? You can also pair four Adirondack chairs with our Newport 36″ Conversation Table.


Choosing Lumber & Accessory Colors

Our Slate Grey lumber was a perfect contrast to the warm stone and wood of this particular outdoor space. It also balanced the charcoal gray color framing the windows, roofline, and countertops.

Our Black or Mahogany lumber would have also worked well in this space, providing a completely different look.


For pillows we chose Sunbrella® Granite, which is a lighter shade of gray compared to our Slate Gray lumber, and Navy. We recommend 16″ Pillows for our Adirondack chairs — they’re just the right size proportionally to the chair.

In this space, we also added a splash of rich cranberry red with a blanket — a great accent to the grays, white and navy.

Additional Modern & Contemporary Color Combos

Depending on the colors of your home, there may be an opportunity to add a pop of color with our vibrant lumber. Below are a few examples of other modern and contemporary homes paired with our picks of coordinating POLYWOOD lumber.

House #1

This house features a light and airy monochromatic color scheme which we see pairing well with our Aruba, Green, or Teak lumber colors.


House #2

With dusty blues, grays, and browns we envision pairing this home exterior with our Teak, Black, and/or Lime lumber colors.


House #3

A monochromatic exterior opens the door to a bold splash of color — we love the idea of pairing our Sunset Red lumber with this house! But, our Slate Grey and Black would also work really well in this space.


Bringing it Together

When it comes to choosing the perfect furniture for your outdoor space, there are many elements to consider. Hopefully this guide helps you decide on the furniture that’s right for you, but if you have questions, we have answers! Feel free to call us (855) 935-5550 or email us at hello@polywoodoutdoor.com and one of our experts will be delighted to help you out!

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