Ideas for Elevating Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to home renovations, many people overlook their backyard. The thing is, outdoor space renovations can have just as much of an impact as an interior makeover. With time and the right resources, you can transform your outdoor area into a luxurious oasis you’ll love for many years to come. Whether you’re working with an empty space or an existing area, these ideas can elevate your outdoor space to the next level and make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Creating a New Space

If your backyard is an empty canvas, grab a paintbrush and let your imagination run wild. Check out a few of these ideas below to inspire you to get started on creating your picture-perfect outdoor space.

Patio or Deck

A patio or deck is a great starting point for building your dream outdoor space. These structures are often used interchangeably, but there are definitive differences between them. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Patio — A patio is a paved outdoor space situated directly on the ground. It can either be attached to your house or completely detached. It also needs to be built on flat terrain. Concrete, gravel, asphalt, and pavers are common materials, but natural stone is by far the most premium option for your dream patio.
  • Deck — A deck is a flat, typically roofless platform attached to a house. It’s usually made of lumber or composite materials. Unlike patios, decks are suitable for any terrain, which is why they’re often elevated and enclosed by a railing.

Have your preferred landscaper inspect your outdoor area to see which one best fits your home. Either way, both patios, and decks provide instant curb appeal and make the perfect setting for everything from intimate brunches to catered dinner parties.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you love entertaining and cooking, an outdoor kitchen makes perfect sense. No longer will you have to go in and out of your house to serve food and drinks. With a luxurious outdoor kitchen, you can seamlessly entertain your guests without missing a beat.

What you include in your outdoor kitchen is completely up to you. Love pizza? Consider installing a premium traditional wood-fired pizza oven. Are you a wine connoisseur? A high-quality wine cooler can take happy hour to the next level. There are tons of outdoor kitchen designs to get your ideas cooking. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a classic backyard favorite. Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing poolside and cooling off on a hot summer day? You know your grandkids do! If you want to swim year-round, consider constructing a stylish, retractable pool enclosure. That way, when summer rolls around, you can easily open everything back up.

When it comes to pool design, don’t settle for a standard rectangle. There are several incredible designs and features, from infinity pools to waterfalls, that’ll wow the neighborhood.

Elevating an Unused Space

If you already have an outdoor space and there’s room in your yard to add an extra area, it’s worth considering these ideas to help boost your home’s curb appeal.


There are so many benefits to growing your own garden. For one, it can greatly improve your health. You’ll get outside, relieve stress, and soak up precious vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Secondly, it looks beautiful. Whether you’re growing a vegetable, herb, or medicinal garden, it’ll make your outdoor space much more aesthetically pleasing.

Gardening is also a fun outdoor activity for bonding with your family — especially grandchildren. Kids love playing with dirt and gazing at critters like butterflies and birds, so a garden offers a great opportunity for them to do just that.

Fire Pit

Bring warmth and long-lasting memories to your backyard with a fire pit. It’s a fantastic place to spend time with your grandkids as you make s’mores and enjoy hours of great conversation.

While fire pits make an excellent addition to your backyard, they can get messy. For a more luxurious option, consider adding a stylish fire pit table to your outdoor space. The maintenance is minimal, and it’s completely safe around children and pets.

Koi Pond

Whenever you have one of those days, wouldn’t it be nice to escape to a quiet, peaceful place? A koi pond can fill that void. Sit back and relax as the soothing sights and sounds of your beautiful koi pond melt your stresses away. If you’re into yoga or meditation, this area is perfect for your practices.

Elevating an Existing Space

Sometimes, all it takes to improve your outdoor space is to spruce it up with something new. Here are a few things you can do to your existing outdoor area that’ll make it better than ever.


Create shade for your patio or outdoor living space with a pergola. It’s a functional, stylish feature that’ll instantly increase your property’s value. Best of all, it doesn’t take as much time to build as other outdoor projects. 

Once your contractor builds your pergola, think about how you’ll design and accessorize it. You can add premium outdoor curtains for extra shade and privacy or drape vines around the structure to showcase gorgeous greenery. The options are endless, so be sure to browse Pinterest to discover what others have done.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Transform your outdoor living space into your very own home theater. To do this, you’ll need a good outdoor speaker system and either an outdoor TV or a projector/projection screen combo. Generally, TVs are more suitable for intimate spaces, while projection screens are better for larger settings. Once you decide what’s best for your home, get the popcorn ready because the grandkids will love coming over for movie night!

Exterior Paint & Stain

Adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to your exterior surfaces can really go a long way. It’s a simple project that’ll give your home a renewed look and feel. Exterior paints and stains don’t just beautify your home, either. They also help prevent termite damage, protect against harsh winters, and extend the lifespan of your siding and trim.


Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding something new to an established area, there are many ways you can elevate your outdoor space. Once you figure out what you want to do, set up an appointment with your landscaper or contractor to help make your ideas come to life.

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