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Bayline™ Collection

16 Items
  1. Bayline™ Dining Arm Chair
    Bayline™ Bayline™ Dining Arm Chair
  2. Bayline™ Bar Arm Chair
    Bayline™ Bayline™ Bar Arm Chair
  3. Bayline™ Bar Side Chair
    Bayline™ Bayline™ Bar Side Chair
  4. Bayline™ Dining Side Chair
    Bayline™ Bayline™ Dining Side Chair
  5. Bayline™ Chaise
    Bayline™ Bayline™ Chaise
  6. Bayline™ Counter Side Chair
    Bayline™ Bayline™ Counter Side Chair
  7. Bayline™ Counter Arm Chair
    Bayline™ Bayline™ Counter Arm Chair
  8. Bayline™ 5-Piece Dining Set
    Bayline™ Bayline™ 5-Piece Dining Set
  9. Bayline™ 6-Piece Dining Set
    Bayline™ Bayline™ 6-Piece Dining Set
  10. Bayline™ 3-Piece Bar Set
    Bayline™ Bayline™ 3-Piece Bar Set
  11. Bayline™ 5-Piece Dining Set
    Bayline™ Bayline™ 5-Piece Dining Set
  12. Bayline™ 7-Piece Dining Set
    Bayline™ Bayline™ 7-Piece Dining Set


The fresh, modern design of the Bayline™ Collection is sure to inspire a whole new take on outdoor living, dining and entertaining. Watch heads turn as the bold lines and brilliant color combinations of sturdy, powder-coated aluminum frames and high-quality sling fabrics create an eye-catching display of sophisticated taste. Then prepare for total relaxation as you and your guests discover that this collection is every bit as comfortable as it is beautiful.
Crafted in the USA, the eco-friendly Bayline Collection is designed for long-lasting durability and exceptional good looks. And you'll love how easy it is to keep it looking like new since it's resistant to all types of weather, tears, mold and mildew. After all, you really should spend more time enjoying your furniture than maintaining it.