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All-Weather 48-Inch Bench Cushions

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Relaxing outdoors in warm weather is truly one of life’s great pleasures, but it’s not always easy to find the right furniture for your outdoor space. Benches, however, are a versatile choice that will complement your deck, patio, backyard, and virtually any other outdoor setting. A 48-inch bench is small enough to fit easily into a snug space but large enough to accommodate two or three people. Want to up the comfort factor? Add a soft bench cushion, and you will have yourself a seat you will never want to leave.

Key Features for Outdoor Bench Cushions

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a 48-inch bench cushion is that the cushion itself should not be as long as the bench. A 48-inch seat cushion may initially fit the bench, but as the cushion flattens with use, it will eventually edge out over the sides of the bench in an unappealing way. A 48-inch bench pad should actually be a few inches short of the full 48. A POLYWOOD® 48-inch bench cushion measures 43.5 inches long and is custom designed to fit our 48-inch benches perfectly.

A high-quality 48-inch outdoor bench cushion should be able to withstand the harsh elements throughout the year without showing signs of wear. All POLYWOOD cushions are crafted from some of the most robust materials available. A 48-inch POLYWOOD bench cushion is mildew- and water-resistant and is a breeze to clean. You’ll be able to leave them outdoors all year.

It’s very simple to measure your bench for a cushion. The only thing you need to remember is the width (the long side) should always be measured first. Use a firm tape measure -- one that will hold its shape -- and measure the width, then the depth. Make sure you do not mix up these numbers; you don’t want to buy the wrong size cushion!

The Many Benefits of Bench Cushions

While an unadorned bench is still a classic look, a cushion delivers timeless appeal. A 48-inch outdoor bench cushion will enhance your enjoyment of your furniture and add an accent of color. POLYWOOD bench cushions are available in multiple shades from neutral tones to rich gem-colored hues, perfect for any color motif. It’s the ideal way to give your outdoor space a quick, inexpensive upgrade.

How to Clean POLYWOOD Bench Cushions

Cleaning your POLYWOOD bench cushion could not be easier. First, remove any dirt or debris from the cushion with a quick sweep of your hand. Then take soapy water and a clean cloth and spot clean any trouble areas. Thoroughly rinse it and leave it to dry in the sun; rest it on its side for faster drying.

With the many benefits of a POLYWOOD bench cushion (including a full one-year warranty that covers tears and mildew), it’s an easy choice to make. With free shipping on all furniture and cushions, now is the time to take your outdoor space from average to luxurious.