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60 Inch Patio Bench Cushions

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A bench without a cushion is like a sundae without the whipped cream and cherry. It’s still enjoyable, but it’s missing that little extra special touch. Happily, POLYWOOD® cushions are available in a wide assortment of sizes (including those for 60-inch long benches), colors, and even patterns that are sure to give your outdoor bench an instant upgrade.

What To Look For In A 60-Inch Outdoor Bench Cushion

When looking for a cushion for your 60-inch outdoor bench, it’s best to purchase one that’s slightly under the full 60 inches, as cushions tend to flatten over time with use. A 60-inch bench cushion will not fit perfectly onto a 60-inch long bench with an armrest as the space allotted is not enough to hold it comfortably. POLYWOOD bench cushions intended for our 60-inch benches clock in at 55” and 55.5” inches long, each crafted to fit a specific bench style. A 60-inch long outdoor bench cushion is perfect for a bench that is longer than 60 inches.

For benches (and any outdoor furniture, really), the material used for the cushion is crucial to its longevity. POLYWOOD 60-inch bench cushions are made from some of the most durable materials you could ask for. Our all-weather cushions resist water and mildew, and will dry quickly in the sun if left outside in the rain.

It’s quite easy to measure your bench to find a perfectly sized cushion. All you need is a firm tape measure (not a soft one like a tailor would use), pen or pencil, and a piece of paper to track the dimensions. First, measure the width (this is the long side) and then the depth (the seat); this is the order you’ll see when you shop for cushions. You don’t want to buy a cushion for your bench only to get it home and realize you’ve mixed up the dimensions!

The Benefits Of Bench Cushions

Cushions make a good thing better. POLYWOOD benches are already incredibly comfortable, but adding a cushion takes its comfort to the next level. They also add a subtle dimension to your outdoor space, thanks to their attractive contrast against the bench itself. Moreover, they are an easy, inexpensive way to give your outdoor retreat an instant refresh.

How To Clean POLYWOOD Bench Cushions

Our 60-inch bench seat cushions are a breeze to clean. Just like our furniture, the only thing you need is soap, water, and a clean cloth. After brushing off any debris, simply rub the cloth over any stains (the sooner you can do this after a spill, the better), and rinse thoroughly. Place the cushion on its side in the sun to air dry, and you’re done! To prolong the life of your cushions, store or cover them when they’re not in use, and flip them periodically so they don’t wear too much on one side.

When it comes to 60-inch outdoor bench cushions, no one does it better. A POLYWOOD cushion will last for years and is protected with a 1-year warranty that covers tears, fading, and mildew. With free shipping on all our furniture and cushions, now is the perfect time to buy. Grab your bench cushion today!