Outdoor Loveseats

Spend some solo time or get comfy with a companion on a deep seating loveseat, which offers the curl-up coziness of a sofa but in a smaller footprint. Our outdoor loveseats are where you go to indulge in cocktails and conversation, catch a few Zs, or find yourself lost in a good book.



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    Country Living
    Cottage Country Living by POLYWOOD

    Cottage Deep Seating Loveseat

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Genuine POLYWOOD Colors

Thanks to our Color-Stay Technology, UV inhibitors and vivid pigments are fully integrated into the lumber to keep the hues pristine and fade-resistant, even after decades of sun, rain, and use. The result is saturated colors that are continuous throughout. Lighter hues will stay brilliantly bright, and darker tones will remain rich without the need to sand, paint, or restain.

“Love love my seating area! We had two rockers along with a side table before. The porch is complete! This is the best outdoor furniture.”

- Maraly W.

Vineyard Deep Seating Loveseat, October 2023

Complete Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you curl up with a crossword or kick your feet up to bask in the sunshine, these comfy-cozy seating styles bring indoor comfort outside.

Our durable, worry-free fire pit tables offer lingering light as dusk falls into night and keeps your family warm during those chilly autumn days.

Designed with weatherproof materials and soft, supportive cushions, these customizable deep seating configurations make everyone feel at home alfresco.

Great taste(s) starts here. Our all-weather dining sets include everything from four-person arrangements to family-friendly setups that serve the whole crew.

A place to set drinks or surface for decor, our coffee and end tables are the final touch for creating a functional, finished outdoor space.

Sewn of top-quality performance fabrics that resist moisture and fading, our accent pillows give new energy to our deep seating styles.

Lounge Furniture Features

Weather Resistant

Rain, wind, and sleet shouldn't get in the way of enjoying your outdoor furniture. Unlike wood, POLYWOOD products are innovatively engineered to withstand all four seasons without splintering, rotting, cracking, or chipping.

Industry-leading Warranty

We understand that relaxation is about having peace of mind. That’s why POLYWOOD outdoor furniture is built to last and backed by a 20-year warranty. Have any questions? Our Customer Experience Team is always here to help.


From hot summer sun and rain storms to messy spills and stains, our heavy-duty lumber can handle it all. POLYWOOD all-weather outdoor furniture can be left out year-round, no covers required, for less work and more free time.


In a range of inspired styles and fade-resistant finishes, our deep seating collections extend enduring comfort to the great outdoors. We design these spacious loveseats with plush cushions and room for two to kick back, stretch out, and sink in.

We believe that your outdoor space is a continuation of your home—and that outdoor furniture is meant to be loved and lived with for years. Genuine POLYWOOD lumber offers durability and longevity that wood and other plastics simply cannot, and every cushion is tailored in an all-weather material that resists rain, salt, sun, and mildew. All of our deep seating collections and cushions are proudly made in the USA with free shipping.

What are loveseats?

Designed for two people to sit closely together, loveseats are usually about 52–64 inches long (from arm to arm) and can be simply defined as scaled-down sofas. Loveseats can be traced back to the 17th century, though their purpose and function have evolved in the centuries since. Today, they are favored for designing a small space or rounding out a large seating arrangement.

What is considered a deep seat sofa?
A deep seat sofa has a seat depth (measured from the front to the back) between 34 and 41 inches. Thanks to this additional space, someone can sit with their thighs fully rested on the seat, especially if they’re taller than 6 feet or have long legs.
What is the average depth of a loveseat?
On average, a standard loveseat style has a depth between 20 and 24 inches. Deep seating styles are typically between 34 and 41 inches.
How deep is an extra deep sofa?
Sofas with a depth greater than 41 inches are considered to be extra deep sofas.
How do I clean my deep seating loveseat?
Here’s how to keep your POLYWOOD deep seating loveseat looking good as new:
Step 1. Grab soapy water, a clean cloth, and a soft-bristle brush.
Step 2. Use a clean cloth or soft-bristle brush to gently scrub each piece.
Step 3. Spray off with a garden hose and let air dry.

How to Clean Your Deep Seating Furniture

Frames: POLYWOOD furniture frames don’t need to be brought inside during inclement weather, and they clean quickly and easily with soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush. Seasonal deep cleans will keep your furniture looking its best.

Cushions: While high-quality outdoor cushions are specially designed to resist the elements, they are still somewhat susceptible to dirt, wear, and tear. It’s a good idea to regularly vacuum your cushions, or wipe them down with a clean cloth, and go in for a deeper clean as necessary.

Outdoor Furniture Buying Guides
Our buying guides have helped 1000s bring home their dream outdoor furniture—let us help you find the right sizes, shapes, and styles for your space.