20 Backyard Wedding Ideas

Are you and your partner planning a backyard wedding? First of all, congratulations! Second, props to you for your thoughtful venue choice.  A home wedding is budget-friendly, personal, meaningful, and can be customized to fit your vision. You can make your nearing nuptials as grand or as casual as you wish.  Since you chose a backyard over a traditional wedding venue, there are a few … Continue reading 20 Backyard Wedding Ideas

How to Clean a Grill

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Food tastes better when it’s cooked outside?” There’s science-backed truth in these words, specifically in the phenomenon known as the Maillard reaction. Over 100 years ago, a French scientist named Louis Camille Maillard discovered that when foods (like meat and butter) are heated to certain temperatures, they change chemically and develop enhanced flavors, aromas, and appearances—aka browning. This explains … Continue reading How to Clean a Grill

She Shed evening

21 She Shed Ideas

Seaside She Shed Bring the beach to your backyard with a nautical-themed she shed. Go with an ocean-themed color scheme — white walls as the backdrop decorated with driftwood shelves and potted palms. Style The Ocean Chair with a complementing side table and ottoman in Pacific Blue on an outdoor rug to complete the look. Mountainside Cabin Create a quiet place that feels like a … Continue reading 21 She Shed Ideas

How to Throw an Outdoor Winter Party

Your backyard doesn’t have to go into hibernation in the winter months. Whether you want to throw a casual wintertime get-together or a cold-weather hang with cocktails, you can host an affair to remember no matter where you live. So grab a hot toddy and let’s start planning an epic outdoor winter party. Stay Warm and Cozy Warmth is the most essential element of any … Continue reading How to Throw an Outdoor Winter Party

10 Outdoor Living Trends to Keep Your Eye on for 2022

Ready to tap into the vast amount of potential your outdoor space has? So are we. Take a look at these 10 up-and-coming outdoor living trends for 2022. Some of these are outdoor living and furniture trends 2021 offered that we know and love; others are newcomers that we predict will gain momentum in 2022. 1. Sustainability is Here to Stay We’re more informed than … Continue reading 10 Outdoor Living Trends to Keep Your Eye on for 2022

Holiday Decorating Ideas from the Experts

‘Tis the season for style! We caught up with leading design experts and influencers to see how they were styling their outdoor spaces this festive season with plenty of tips and tricks to inspire your own holiday decorating. Picture Perfect Front Porch “I absolutely love decorating my front porch all year round, but the holidays are extra magical,” says leading Atlanta-based designer Ashley Dixon. “The … Continue reading Holiday Decorating Ideas from the Experts

Low Stress (But Fancy) Holiday Recipes

There’s one thing we all know about the holiday season: there is a LOT to do and not a lot of time to get it all done. Here’s another thing we know: the holidays are all about food. After all, it’s one of the ways we show love and express ourselves, especially at this time of year. We’re sharing our favorite easy-to-make holiday recipes that … Continue reading Low Stress (But Fancy) Holiday Recipes

A Guide to Outdoor Christmas Lights

It’s that time of the year again, and maybe this holiday season, you’ve set your sights on having the best Christmas light display in the neighborhood. But before you deck the halls, roof, windows, or the front yard, let’s do a little planning. Below are tips and tricks on how to impressively and safely decorate with Christmas lights to ensure your home looks merry and … Continue reading A Guide to Outdoor Christmas Lights

10 Fun Things to Do on Thanksgiving

If you’re not in charge of cooking this year for Thanksgiving, why not provide the entertainment for your guests while you wait for the main meal to begin? This will keep the “Is the food ready yet?” questions to a minimum, and it will keep boredom at bay. Check out the following festive activities the whole family can enjoy. 1 — Flag Football Is there … Continue reading 10 Fun Things to Do on Thanksgiving