DIY Holiday Wreaths

Originally Published on December 8, 2021. Last Updated on February 13, 2023.

Zhuzh up your front door with a DIY wreath this holiday season. Before you sigh and start thinking about all the money that you’ll spend at your local craft store, take a look around your home. Most, if not all of the supplies you need are in your house or yard. 

Take a look at these creative DIY wreath ideas and see if any spark your creativity.

Evergreen Wreath 

Simple DIY Evergreen Wreath or Wreath Base

This wreath is a favorite with us because it’s so simple and it smells great. If you put up a real tree for the holidays you can use some of the cutoffs to make your wreath, or if you have a pine tree in your backyard, snip some branches and add it to your wreath.

Christmas Door Wreath Fairy Lights Pine Cone Orange Slices Festive Citrus

 Pro Tip:  glue pine cones and dehydrated limes or lemons for added citrus scents and pops of color. 

Craft origin from Sustain My Craft Habit

Tissue Paper Wreath 

If you are like many savvy DIYers, and you save not only gift bags but also bows and tissue paper from any gift you or your family receives, know that you are seen, friend. I understand your desire to be thrifty and I appreciate you. To show our appreciation we found a DIY wreath that puts that extra tissue paper to good use.

tissue paper wreath on wooden background

Craft origin from Arts For You

Wrapping Paper Wreath

Speaking of… have extra wrapping paper? Maybe it’s that pretty but annoying glittery wrapping paper that the pets always seem to get their paws into. Turn it into a wreath! Bonus: this is a great activity that you and your kids can do together.

diy wreath made with christmas wrapping paper
Photo by Kate Riley from Centsational Style

Craft Origin from Centsational Style

Wine Bottle Cork Wreath

diy wine cork christmas wreath

Attention all oenophiles: Proudly display your love of a good glass of red with a DIY wine cork wreath. Collecting enough corks might take some time, but it’s worth it in the end when you hang this cute wreath on your door.

 Pro Tip:  Get family and friends in on saving corks so you can accumulate supplies faster.

 Pro Tip #2:  Don’t drink and craft — it’s a pour decision and you’ll regret it. 

Craft origin My Turn for Us

Ornament Wreath

diy Christmas ornament wreath

If you simply must go shopping for craft supplies (no judgment here, that desire to flit among the aisles at Hobby Lobby is strong), then try out this DIY ornament wreath. This one is cool because you’re shown multiple ways to style a wreath.

 Pro Tip:  If you have extra ornaments that don’t fit on your tree you can incorporate them into this wreath. That makes the wreath more personal and it put those extra ornaments to good use.

Craft origin from Mika Marie

Pine Cone Snowflake Wreath

Feel like getting a little extra with your holiday crafts this year (Yes, please. This is highly encouraged)? Check out this DIY wreath. The wreath consists of pinecones… and it’s shaped like a snowflake. If you decide that the finishing touch to this wreath needs to be glitter we will COMPLETELY agree with you. 

painted pinecone diy christmas winter wreath
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn from Southern Living

Craft origin Southern Living

See? You can be festive AND frugal. If you decide to make any of these wreaths, we’d love to hear your thoughts on them and see pics of your creations. 

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