Genuine Color

As an outdoor furniture company, we’re often inspired by the colors of nature. From relaxing earth tones to energetic vibrant colors, POLYWOOD furniture adds personality to your outdoor space and can set the tone for how that space will be enjoyed.

“I have such vibrant memories associated with colors—the color of sand, grapes, foresty greens, ocean blues, and earthy reds. Each variant of color can be used to create a different mood.”

- Angelo Adamo

Creative Director for Design Elemental

POLYWOOD Lumber Colors

Not only is genuine POLYWOOD lumber extremely durable and weather resistant but it’s also available in a wide array of colors. From traditional browns and classic white and grey to ocean-inspired blues and bold reds, there is an abundance of hues at your disposal. Explore all options to find the perfect furniture colors for your outdoor retreat.

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Fabric Colors

Just like indoor fabrics, outdoor performance fabrics are available in a variety of textures and colors. What makes outdoor performance fabrics different is that they have added protection against fading, accidental spills, and the occasional rainstorm. While you may choose a more neutral fabric color for your outdoor sofa cushions, we recommend letting your personality shine through a few patterned pillows paired with cheerful coordinating solids.


Texture adds dimension and depth to colors whether it’s smooth and satin or subtly wire-brushed. Traditionally, POLYWOOD lumber colors have been available in our smooth Classic Finish, but now select furniture collections are also available in our Vintage Finish, which gives the appearance of matte-painted wood.

“Our furniture is designed to live outside and withstand all the natural elements—we want to ensure the colors you fell in love with remain consistent for years to come.”

- Bryce Glock

Contract and Designer Sales Manager

More About Our Materials

Beyond our colorful selection of POLYWOOD lumber and high-performance fabrics is a variety of outdoor furniture materials, including aluminum frames, marine-grade hardware, and all-weather sling and wicker.