Professional Designer Program

Professional Designer Program

As a member of the POLYWOOD® Professional Designer Program, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

Professional Designer Program Benefits

Complete the steps below to apply for the POLYWOOD Professional Designer Program

1. Create your customer account

Click here to create a POLYWOOD customer account. If you already have an account, you can skip this step.

2. Complete our online application

Fill out my online form.

Professional Designer Program FAQs

What qualifications do I need to be part of the Professional Designer Program?
In order to qualify for our Professional Designer Program, you need to be a designer who owns or works for a design business, and you need to present a completed W-9 form.
What benefits will the Professional Designer Program provide me?
With the Professional Designer Program, you’ll have a personalized professional designer account login that provides you with quick access to aggressive pricing, the ability to generate an instant quote for your clients, as well as access to an expanded line of products with additional customization features all proudly built-to-order in the USA. The program also includes free shipping.
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How do I process orders through the Professional Designer Program?
Simply log in to your personalized professional designer account and place your order directly through there. For custom product requests that are not shown on-site, fill out this form and under Account Type select Designer Account.
How do I order samples through my Professional Designer account and will there be a charge?
There is no charge to order samples through your professional designer account. Please fill out this form and under Account Type select Designer Account.
Am I able to ship orders directly to clients?
Yes, that is one of the many great features of this program! To ship an order directly to your client, simply include your client’s address in the ship-to address at check out.