Outdoor Pillows

Our outdoor pillows are hand-sewn of performance fabrics that stand up to life’s little messes (think paw prints, Chardonnay spills, and cannonball contests) without skipping a beat. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and patterns, they all come together to create a soft, layered look.




What are POLYWOOD pillows made of?

POLYWOOD’s quick-drying pillows are made with materials that are inherently resistant to outdoor weather conditions like dew drops, rain, and UV rays. They are filled with a plush, blended polyester fiber fill that’s supportive with the right amount of loft.

Every pillow is expertly sewn by hand in the performance fabric of your choosing. Incredibly durable but soft to the touch, these fabrics are woven of fibers specifically engineered for outdoor living.

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“Definitely more than I expected, fluffy, comfortable, and well worth the money!!”

 - U.P.

16" Outdoor Throw Pillow, January 2022

Pillow Features


The weather shouldn't get in the way of enjoying your outdoor furniture. Resistant to moisture and fading, POLYWOOD cushions use materials that withstand all four seasons, taking rain, snow, and bright UV rays in stride.

Low Maintenance

Easy does it. Our outdoor pillows will always look as good as new with very little effort. They don’t need to be brought inside during inclement weather and clean quickly and easily with soapy water and a soft-bristle brush.


We’re in the business of R&R, and our products are carefully considered to create a linger-worthy experience. From seating that reclines at the perfect pitch to so-soft accessories, everything is done with comfort in mind.

Can you leave pillows outside?
If you live in a moderate climate and have a covered outdoor space, you can leave high-quality outdoor pillows outside most of the time. To keep them in pristine condition for longer, it’s recommended to store them somewhere protected in the off-season or during bouts of extreme weather.
What filling is used for outdoor pillows?
Outdoor pillows are filled with quick-dry materials, typically a kind of foam or polyfill. Foams tend to be relatively dense, while polyfill is lighter and loftier.
What makes a good outdoor pillow?
The best outdoor throw pillows can handle daily weather—direct sunlight, morning dew, and wind gusts. They should dry quickly and have UV-, moisture-, and mildew-repelling properties. Last but not least, what makes a good outdoor pillow great is finding a style, color, and level of comfort that you love.


Founded on the missions of sustainability, stewardship, and community, we’re passionate about helping people connect with nature and one another. Every product is carefully considered and expertly engineered for enduring quality, endless comfort, and all-season durability. Our weatherproof styles are perfect for decks, patios, poolsides, beachfront properties, and balconies in any climate, any time of year.

Proudly and sustainably made in the USA, our products will last season after season. Genuine POLYWOOD lumber offers unrivaled durability, and our cushions and pillows are tailored in performance fabrics that resist rain, salt, sun, and mildew. By creating better patio furniture that endures years of use, we’re further sustaining our zero-waste mindset.

How To Clean Outdoor Pillows

While high-quality outdoor pillows are specially made to thrive outside, they're still somewhat susceptible to wear and tear. A regular cleaning schedule will help you get the most mileage out of your pillows, and you’ll want to remove stains, mold, and mildew before they set in with a solution of Borax, mild detergent, and water. First, brush off any loose debris then scrub them down and let the solution soak in.