Black Adirondack Chairs

Black Adirondack Chairs
Black Adirondack Chairs

Black Adirondack Chairs



  1. Modern Adirondack

    Modern Adirondack Chair

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  2. Modern Adirondack

    Modern Curveback Adirondack Chair

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  3. Classic Adirondack

    Classic Adirondack Chair

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  4. Nautical

    Nautical Adirondack Chair

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  5. Vineyard

    Vineyard Adirondack Chair

    +13 POLYWOOD® colors
  6. Classic Adirondack

    Classic Folding Adirondack Chair

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  7. South Beach

    South Beach Adirondack

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  8. Modern Adirondack

    Modern Folding Adirondack

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  9. Palm Coast

    Palm Coast Adirondack

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors

Imagine a vivid summer sunset accompanied by a gentle breeze whispering through the trees. This is summer at its best. And what better way to enjoy the splendor of nature than in a comfortable—yet attractive—Adirondack chair?

The Timeless Chic of a Black Adirondack Chair

Tasteful, modern, and unquestionably classic, the Adirondack chair has been a staple for laid-back summer days and nights for over a century. Its elegant tall back and gently sloping seat offer the optimal combination of comfort and style to complement your outdoor retreat. The extra-wide armrests are ideally suited for resting a cold drink or half-finished novel (or even a plateful of food). You’ll be pleasantly surprised by its versatility.

Prime Locations for your Black Adirondack Chair

Sleek black Adirondack chairs possess a casual elegance that will suit numerous outdoor styles. Try a few as part of a streamlined modern poolside, or add a dash of sophistication to your patio or porch. An Adirondack chair in black will provide a stunning contrast to your existing outdoor décor, especially when paired with a cushion for an extra pop of color.

Black Adirondack Chair Materials

Black plastic or resin Adirondack chairs are ideal for those looking for low-maintenance outdoor furniture. However, not all “all-weather” plastic Adirondack chairs will hold up after years of sun exposure, rain, and other elements. With a POLYWOOD® black Adirondack chair you can be assured that it will never splinter, peel, rot, or require any sanding or refinishing. Genuine HDPE POLYWOOD lumber is fashioned in Indiana from a proprietary blend of plastics which includes recycled consumer bottles and UV-inhibited pigment systems to ensure your black Adirondack chair looks great after seasons of sunshine.

How to Keep Your POLYWOOD Adirondack Chair in Prime Condition

A black POLYWOOD Adirondack chair embodies the natural grace of the classic style without any of the upkeep required with wooden outdoor furniture. All you need to keep your black Adirondack chair in pristine condition is a quick scrub with a soft-bristle brush in some soapy water. Because, honestly, the last thing you want to do every summer is spend precious free time waterproofing, staining, or painting.

Why Choose a POLYWOOD Black Adirondack Chair?

All POLYWOOD furniture is backed by a 20-year residential warranty and proudly made in the USA. Our Color-Stay Technology safeguards your furniture against fading or discoloration. With free shipping for all black Adirondack chairs, there’s never been a better time to buy.