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Dining Tables

Move the latest birthday bash or festive feast outdoors with a durable and spacious POLYWOOD® outdoor dining table. Dependable HDPE lumber shields our selection of dining tables from the elements.

38 Items
  1. MOD MGP 30" Counter Table
    MOD MOD MGP 30" Counter Table
  2. Farmhouse 59" Dining Table
    Farmhouse 59" Dining Table
  3. Nautical Trestle 37" Dining Table
    Nautical Trestle 37" Dining Table
  4. Nautical Trestle 59" Dining Table
    Nautical Trestle 59" Dining Table
  5. Nautical 37" Dining Table
    Nautical Nautical 37" Dining Table
  6. Nautical 44" Dining Table
    Nautical Nautical 44" Dining Table
  7. Park 48" Square Table
    Park Park 48" Square Table
  8. 39" Dining Table
    39" Dining Table
  9. 36" Square Dining Table
    Euro™ 36" Square Dining Table
  10. MGP 36" Dining Table
    Euro™ MGP 36" Dining Table
  11. MOD MGP 36" Dining Table
    MOD MOD MGP 36" Dining Table
  12. MOD 36" Dining Table
    MOD MOD 36" Dining Table


Outdoor Dining Tables

Gather around and begin making lasting memories when you shift your dinner party to the inviting outdoors. POLYWOOD® outdoor dining tables effortlessly blend function and style to provide the perfect setting for a backyard barbecue or intimate candlelit dinner while elevating your outdoor aesthetic.

Overview of Outdoor Dining Tables from POLYWOOD

When you choose to order POLYWOOD outdoor dining tables you never have to settle on your vision. Choose from dozens of different styles, sizes, and colors of our most popular outdoor dining tables so you can comfortably fit a family of four or a sprawling birthday party of eight. Whether you select a modest 36” dining table to complete your breakfast nook or a substantial 72” elongated table for frequent event hosting you can still choose between several collections to showcase slatted lumber, round edges, minimalist lines, or nautical detailing.

Once you fall in love with a particular outdoor dining table simply navigate to the corresponding collection to find an assortment of dining chairs, swivel chairs, side chairs, and benches to complete your entertainment and dining zone. Save on large orders by opting for an outdoor dining set instead of choosing items individually.

Unique Features of POLYWOOD Outdoor Dining Tables

Our customers love POLYWOOD outdoor furniture because our dining tables are designed for extreme outdoor conditions. Even if you live in rain-prone coastal areas or climates with freezing winters and blazing summers our HDPE lumber withstands the elements without rotting, cracking, peeling, chipping, or blowing away in the wind.

Depending on the outdoor dining table you select you can pick between 14 astounding color options and four distinct aluminum finishes for our contemporary, sleek options. The vibrant hues won’t wash away after a bad bout of rain or after prolonged sun exposure — our Color-Stay Technology infuses UV-inhibitors and stabilizers through the lumber to protect the color from fading.

Because POLYWOOD outdoor dining tables are weather-resistant and incredibly sturdy maintenance only takes a moment. In order to clean off any muck or grime that accumulates simply use a damp cloth, warm water, and gentle soap to wipe away buildup. After a few minutes, your dining table will be spotless!

How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Tables

Sharing a Drink

Wake up in time to see the sunrise with your sweetheart, cradling a cup of coffee as the light breaches the horizon. Settled in at your 30” counter table you can greet the morning from the comfort of your patio.

Celebrating a Birthday

Host the entire family and party in style with a spacious 96” dining table. Nestled halfway between your kitchen and your pool, the dining table represents the nexus of the party where grub, gifts, and birthday cake pile up.

Catching Up with Friends

Watch the hours roll by as cocktails and appetizers give way to endless stories, jokes, and deep conversations. With the additional support of a dining chair pillow or cushion your pals won’t have to get up all night.

Outdoor Dining Set Buying Guide

Your outdoor dining table isn’t complete without accompanying dining chairs and benches to maximize seating and give everyone a place to settle in. Sure, you can browse our site and mix and match your favorite styles, or you can take the stress out of choosing your outdoor dining furniture by checking out our complete guide to buying an outdoor dining set on the POLYWOOD blog.