Style Tips for Decorating Your Desert Getaway

Modern conveniences, sleek architecture, and bohemian style combine to create the luxurious yet nomadic allure of desert living. The dream of climbing the mountains in the Mojave or admiring the Sonoran sunsets have convinced you to buy a desert getaway.

Now that you’re almost ready to settle into your adobe abode, it’s time to select the furniture that will make your vacation house a home. Use these decorating tips to master the art of Southwestern style and set the scene for your next weekend getaway.

Use Clean Lines

Sleek, modern lines inspired by Mexican architecture are the hallmark of desert homes. Stay consistent with this style throughout your home. When buying furniture for your desert retreat, stick to straight lines and simple geometric shapes.

Newport 18" End Table
Newport 18″ End Table

Paint Your Walls White

Give your walls a fresh coat of white paint for a crisp, modern look. This look delivers a light, airy feeling as the sunlight reflects throughout your home. Your walls become a blank canvas where you can utilize Southwestern décor, such as Navajo-inspired rugs and Mexican serapes, without being too thematic.

Paint Your Walls White

Draw Inspiration from Southwestern Culture 

The bohemian lifestyle combined with striking landscapes is what attracted you to the desert. Let the Wild West influence the décor within your new oasis. Look for Southwestern-inspired patterns and upholstery in earthy tones of sienna, umber, and ochre to complement the warm landscapes. Bohemian accessories, such as macramé, will give your space an authentic feel without being too overwhelming.  

Pillow Supporting Image

Layer a Variety of Textures

Typically, Southwestern style is characterized by woven textiles, light leather, exposed wood, and terra cotta tile. Give your space an authentic adobe ambiance by layering a variety of textures that are native to the region. Position a cognac-colored leather sofa in your living room as a nod to the Wild West. Then, bring your vision to life with mud cloth pillows and a striped serape.

Implement Unexpected Statement Pieces 

Integrating unexpected pops of liveliness amongst a neutral color scheme is one of the most exciting parts of decorating a Southwestern space. Adorn a blank wall with a large abstract painting or vibrant graphic print for a striking contrast. If you’re searching for a functional flash of color, add a neon coral accent pillow to the sofas or try a bright yellow bistro set in the kitchen.

Add Some Greenery

Every desert oasis needs a splash of greenery. Drought-resistant plants such as cacti, succulents, agave, and palm trees provide eye-catching contrast against the warm tones that fill your home. Adorn your outdoor conversation table with a large terracotta bowl filled with a colorful variety of succulents to create a charming tabletop garden. If you’re looking to enhance the midcentury aesthetic of your vacation home, a lush Monstera deliciosa potted in a geometric planter will do the trick.

Succulent Planter

Install a Sliding Glass Wall 

Make the most of your desert retreat by maximizing the view with a sliding glass wall. Whether you install your panoramic view in the living room or dining area, your home’s ambiance will be entwined with the great outdoors, creating the ultimate entertainment paradise. Let fresh air fill your home while you set the outdoor dining table for dinner under the stars. The open design will allow you and your guests to flow between indoor and outdoor spaces freely.

Create an Open-Air Seating Area

Vacations in the desert are all about bringing you and your loved ones closer together while surrounded by nature’s beauty. Enjoy endless hours of cheerful conversations with your family from the comfort of your outdoor living room. Imagine breezy evenings watching the sky explode with vibrant hues of orange, pink, and violet while nestling up to piles of plush all-weather pillows

EDGE 6-Piece Modular Deep Seating Set
EDGE 6-Piece Modular Deep Seating Set

With an outdoor area rug, deep seating set, and your favorite bottle of wine, this open-air seating area will be the base for nightly entertainment. Make sure you chose durable outdoor furniture that can withstand the environmental elements of the desert, such as high winds, extreme heat, and beating sun. 

Add a Fire Pit Table Set 

After an adventurous day trekking through the colorful canyons, adjourn to your outdoor living room for a night filled with lively conversations gathered around the fire pit table. With a fire pit table, you can stay warm on chilly nights in the desert while adding a spark of style to your outdoor space. 

Vineyard Adirondack 6-Piece Chat Set with Fire Pit Table
Vineyard Adirondack 6-Piece Chat Set with Fire Pit Table

Go Minimalist

When designing a desert getaway, less is always more—the sleek modernity of Southwestern architecture couples with the minimalism trend perfectly. Rather than relying on collections of knickknacks to decorate your space, cut down on the clutter and make a big statement with minimal décor.

Whether you’re escaping to the desert for a weekend getaway or a summertime sabbatical, your desert vacation home is the perfect place to indulge in relaxation and adventure.

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