2023 Best-Selling POLYWOOD Furniture by Category

It’s that time again to look back at our best-selling furniture of the year. Organized by color and category, here are the styles you fell head-over-heels for in 2023. Adirondack Chair Customers from coast to coast preferred this seat in a sleek shade of black. Our widely beloved chair features a chic twist on the classic Adirondack look: a rounded front and clean-cut headrest. Honorable … Continue reading 2023 Best-Selling POLYWOOD Furniture by Category

Bar-Height & Counter-Height Furniture Comparison

Outdoor furniture that looks great, needs minimal maintenance, and withstands weather and daily use is a tall order, but our bar- and counter-height furniture does it all—and then some. These pieces and preconfigured sets stand up to spills, stains, and stormy weather, and all come with our promise of lasting durability. We also design all of our bar and counter seating with footrests for added … Continue reading Bar-Height & Counter-Height Furniture Comparison

Comparing Chaise Lounges

Our chaise lounges make it easy to take it easy, adjusting to sit upright, read reclined, or nap flat. All styles share a common denominator (highly durable and weather-resistant), but each collection is unique. Let’s take a deeper dive into what sets them apart and how they compare. POLYWOOD Chaise Lounge Comparison Chart   PRO TIP:   If you like to rest your drink or an … Continue reading Comparing Chaise Lounges

Comparing Country Living by POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture

Brought to you in partnership with Country Living, this special collection helps you discover joy in your outdoor spaces—and share it with loved ones. Every piece is thoughtfully designed and built with genuine POLYWOOD lumber, offering timeless beauty that lasts in both quality and style. If you’d like to bring this bucolic beauty to your home, continue reading to learn more about the collection’s styles … Continue reading Comparing Country Living by POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture

Comparing Gliders & Rocking Chairs

If you’re shopping for accent seating that adds a “little something extra” to the ambiance of your outdoor living room, an outdoor glider or rocking chair might be just the ticket.  But which style should you choose? That’s a great question, and we’re here to help answer it. We’ve done the research and compiled the necessary information to make sure your new chair checks all … Continue reading Comparing Gliders & Rocking Chairs

Comparing Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture

Brought to you in partnership with Martha Stewart, home design expert and entertaining icon, our Chinoiserie and Acadia collections boast aesthetics that are as beautiful as they are unique. Browse our guide to see each collection’s offerings and learn how to bring these elevated looks to life in your outdoor space. Chinoiserie Great for serving elegant style and enduring comfort daily. The Chinoiserie Collection is … Continue reading Comparing Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture

Comparing Outdoor Benches & Gliders

Outdoor benches and gliders are a logical addition to any walking path, garden, or porch. They break up the space and add a functional resting place to where you can sit and chat with a friend or admire the scenery. Many families buy wider seating options to create conversation spaces and outdoor escapes where they can cuddle up with those they love. Whatever your reason … Continue reading Comparing Outdoor Benches & Gliders

Comparing Outdoor Dining Set Styles

Order up! With our all-weather dining sets, you always have a standing reservation (and your table is always ready). Stains and spills and seasonal weather are no match for our heavy-duty materials, and our range of styles promises one that will suit your space perfectly.   This comparison guide dishes out all the information needed to find the dining set of your dreams. You can meet … Continue reading Comparing Outdoor Dining Set Styles

Comparing POLYWOOD Adirondack Chairs

Few things are better than quality time spent in the great outdoors, and no nature retreat is complete without the iconic Adirondack chair. Thanks to their wide armrests, comfortably slanted seats, and tall slatted backrests, Adirondacks have become the unofficial symbol of summertime relaxation.  Ready to dive into our different styles of Adirondack chairs? Whether you’re looking for a folding option, a more modern look, … Continue reading Comparing POLYWOOD Adirondack Chairs

Comparing POLYWOOD Deep Seating Furniture

Expertly crafted for maximum comfort and minimal maintenance, our deep seating furniture has mastered the art of leisure. If you want to know how our collections compare and their defining details, you’re in the right place. (And you’ll want to sit down for this.) EDGE Modular Great for design flexibility in modern outdoor spaces.  Our EDGE Collection is scaled for comfort, whether you’re outfitting a … Continue reading Comparing POLYWOOD Deep Seating Furniture

Comparing Porch Swing Styles

The best porch swings bring resort-worthy relaxation to an outdoor living room or underused porch space. By pairing a comfortable seat with a gentle motion, outdoor swings provide a restful repose, the perfect place to visit with company on the porch or enjoy a glass of wine out back. Porch Swing Features  All of our swings are built with genuine POLYWOOD lumber and are sustainably … Continue reading Comparing Porch Swing Styles

white rocking chair with green pillow

Comparing Rocking Chair Styles

Whether you’re shopping for your first rocking chair or expanding a current collection, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide compares our various rockers to help fine-tune your search for the perfect one.  Every design offers all the benefits of POLYWOOD outdoor furniture—sustainable materials, all-weather durability, easy upkeep, and unrivaled comfort. Unlike wooden rocking chairs, ours don’t need to be sanded, repainted, or … Continue reading Comparing Rocking Chair Styles

Furniture for Balconies vs. Furniture for Decks

Balconies and decks both add tons of enjoyment to your home. To get the most of your outdoor area, you need to design and furnish them in a way that aligns with your lifestyle and space restrictions. Below we’ll show you how to measure your space correctly, review smart design tips, and even offer suggestions for furniture to help make your balcony or deck an … Continue reading Furniture for Balconies vs. Furniture for Decks

How to Choose the Best Fabric for Outdoor Cushions & Pillows

Learning how to choose the best fabric for outdoor cushions can be tricky because there’s a lot to know. So before you buy new cushions for your rocking chairs or throw pillows that coordinate with your patio aesthetic, brushing up on your outdoor fabric knowledge is a good idea. This means a little legwork on your end now, but the down-the-road results are worth it. … Continue reading How to Choose the Best Fabric for Outdoor Cushions & Pillows

How to Recognize High-Quality Outdoor Furniture

You want to spend your money wisely on beautiful, comfortable, well-built furniture that lasts season after season. But how can you tell if the products you’re eyeing are good quality? Not to worry—we can help you. We’ve created a guide to help streamline your furniture search and make a sound investment. We also sought out Sallie Lord, Principal Designer of GreyHunt Interiors, to assist us … Continue reading How to Recognize High-Quality Outdoor Furniture