The Complete Guide to Buying an Adirondack Chair

Originally Published on September 23, 2022. Last Updated on March 8, 2024.

If you’re shopping for the best Adirondack chairs, you’ll quickly discover a wealth of options to choose from. In our extensive Adirondack chair buyer’s guide, we’ll walk you through all the different considerations so you can make the right choice.

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Step 1: Do Adirondacks Suit You?
Step 2: Explore Materials
Step 3: Find the Perfect Fit
Step 4: Select the Ideal Style
Step 5: Choose the Best Hue
Step 6: Accessorize

Step 1: Is an Adirondack Chair Right for You?

Browse the considerations below to see if an Adirondack chair would fit your lifestyle.


Adirondacks are primarily intended for lounging. They often offer practical features, such as wide armrests to hold drinks or cell phones, supportive contoured seats, and optional cushions and ottomans for linger-worthy comfort.  

Traditional Adirondack chairs are longer due to their reclined backrests, which translates to them taking up more room than upright styles. However, some styles can be folded and stacked, sliding easily into storage to free up space.


Traditional designs have low-sitting, tilted seats, and individuals with mobility concerns may have difficulty sitting on or arising from these chair types. 

The reclined backrests may also cause difficulties for those with hip or back problems.

Upright Adirondacks may be better fits for those with accessibility challenges. The taller designs stand up straighter with minimal recline in the seats and backs.


From classic to modern, Adirondacks come in a wide variety of styles—but most (if not all) will give off that quintessential summertime relaxation look. The array of designs means there’s an Adirondack for just about every motif. But more often than not, you’ll find these laid-back seats by fire pits, swimming pools, and other settings where comfort and leisure are top priorities.

What to consider when buying an Adirondack chair

Step 2: Explore Material Options

Keep these factors in mind when choosing the best materials for Adirondack chairs:

  • Durability: Your chair must be able to withstand intense climates and years of repeat use.
  • Aesthetics: The seat’s design should fit your personal style and require minimal upkeep to maintain its appearance.
  • Value: The Adirondack’s benefits offset its cost.
  • Warranty: On the off chance that something happens to your chair, a promise of coverage gives much-needed peace of mind.


Known for its beauty and superior density, hardwood like teak, cherry, and ipe are popular Adirondack chair materials.

Points to Consider:

  • Resistant to strong winds, extreme weather, and scratches
  • Needs periodic refinishing to maintain its looks and longevity
  • Scarcity and slow growth make hardwoods expensive


Furniture built from pine, cedar, and other softwoods are beautiful and budget-friendly—attractive qualities to homeowners.

Points to Consider:

  • Faster growth and abundance make softwoods affordable
  • Requires frequent upkeep to prevent sun, water, and pest damage


Aluminum Adirondack chairs are popular due to their lower costs and lightweight designs.

Points to Consider:

  • Resistant to pests, mold, water, and rust
  • Vulnerable to strong winds and overheating in direct sunlight
  • Regular care is needed to prevent corrosion and scratches

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE is prized for its durability and easy upkeep. It’s used in a variety of outdoor applications, from furniture to fencing. 

Points to Consider:

  • Weatherproof and able to handle extreme climates
  • Resistant to fading, water, corrosion, mold, and pests
  • Higher cost is offset by the many offered benefits

Injection-Molded Plastic

Injection-molded plastic is a common furniture material because it’s readily available and inexpensive.

Points to Consider:

  • Prolonged sun exposure causes fading, crazing, and cracking
  • Vulnerable to strong winds, stains, and warping
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain

Step 3: Find the Perfect Fit

Once you’ve decided on the right materials, you will want to think about the size, height, and spacing of your Adirondack chairs.

Adirondack Chair Measurements

Most Adirondack chairs stand between 34 to 44 inches tall, 24 to 33 inches wide, and 24 to 38 inches deep. Depending on the material, they could weigh between 7 and 58 pounds.

We suggest spacing Adirondack chairs two to three feet apart so guests have room to move around them and provide three feet of clearance in front for comfortable sitting and standing. A 10-foot square area comfortably fits three to four chairs.

Overall Sit

This refers to the seat size in its entirety. Looking at the overall sit will tell you if there’s enough room to rest comfortably or if you should search for a larger or smaller chair. 

Cozy: Just the right amount of room to relax.

Roomy: Offers extra snuggle-up space.

Grand: Large and sturdy with ample elbow room.

Adirondack Chairs Overall Sit

Seat Height

This refers to how high a seat sits off the ground at its lowest point. Lower seats angle downward from front to back, while taller designs come closer to standing parallel to the floor.

Lowest: Sits near the floor with a pronounced pitch, the go-to for serious lounging.

Classic: An elevated profile with a subtle recline that supports extended relaxation. 

Highest: Tall and slightly sloped, making standing up a simple task.

Adirondack Chairs Seat Height

South Beach Adirondack Chair: Best for Mobility Challenges

Back Recline

All Adirondack chairs have reclined backrests—it’s one of the style’s signature features—but the level of lean varies.

Relaxed: The most intense tilt, ideal for cat naps and stargazing.

Conversational: A slighter incline that holds you a little higher.

Upright: Set higher and angled forward, similar to a dining chair.

Adirondack Chair Back Reclines

Step 4: Select the Ideal Style

Explore how Adirondack chair designs have evolved to prioritize comfort, convenience, and diverse preferences.


A sleek interpretation of the iconic design, modern Adirondacks blend clean lines and crisp angles with the details you’re familiar with, such as wide arms and contoured seats.​​

Black POLYWOOD Modern Adirondack Chair Slate Grey Quattro Folding Adirondack White Modern Studio Adirondack Chair


Classic Adirondack styles are the closest in appearance to the original design, boasting soft lines and a timeless charm that appeals to everyone.

POLYWOOD Classic Adirondack Chair in Sand POLYWOOD Vineyard Curvenback Adirondack Chair in Green PLOYWOOD Country Living Adirondack Chair in Navy


This fresh take on the traditional design offers stronger angles while maintaining the seat’s reclined silhouette, subtle curves, and contours. 

POLYWOOD Nautical Curveback Adirondack Chair in Teak POLYWOOD The Ocean Chair in Aruba POLYWOOD Seashell Adirondack Chair in Mahogany


These collapsible seats are great travel companions and store with ease. 

POLYWOOD Folding Adirondack Chair in Lime POLYWOOD South Beach Folding Adirondack Chair in Pacific Blue POLYWOOD Classic Oversized Folding Adirondack Chair in Sunset Red

Waterfall Front

This seat features a rounded slat design cascading over the front like a waterfall. It’s visually appealing and offers extra knee support.

POLYWOOD Modern Curveback Adirondack in Vintage Finish in Vintage Sahara POLYWOOD vineyard Cureveback Adirondack in White POLYWOOD Grant Park Traditional Curveback Adirondack Chair in Tangerine


The ultimate relaxation seat. These curvaceous chairs feature contoured seats and rounded backs that cradle your body.

POLYWOOD Country Living Curveback Adirondack Chair in Slate Grey POLYWOOD Nautical Curveback Adirondack Chair in Teak POLYWOOD Modern Curveback Adirondack Chair in Black


Often reserved for alfresco occasions, bar- and counter-height Adirondacks elevate any outdoor meal or happy hour.

POLYWOOD Modern Curveback Upright Adirondack Chair in Green POLYWOOD Nautical Curveback Adirondack Bar Chair POLYWOOD Vineyard Curveback Upright Adirondack Chair in Sand


Larger-scale seats designed to support individuals who desire ample space to stretch out.

POLYWOOD Modern Grand Adirondack Chair in White POLYWOOD Vinyard Grand Adirondack Chair in Mahogany POLYWOOD Vineyard Grand Adirondack Chair in Slate Grey

Built-In Ottoman

Adirondack chairs with attached ottomans save space without compromising comfort. Pull the footrest out when you want to kick up your feet, then tuck it away beneath the seat when you’re finished.

POLYWOOD Palm Coast Ultimate Adirondack with Hideaway Ottoman in Vintage Sahara POLYWOOD Palm Coast Ultimate Adirondack with Hideaway Ottoman in White

Rocking Chairs

Ideal for swaying away summer days on the porch or grouped around a glowing fire, Adirondack rockers combine the best elements of two beloved styles. 

POLYWOOD Vineyard Adirondack Rocking Chair in Lime POLYWOOD Modern Adirondack Rocking Chair in Teak POLYWOOD Grant Park Traditional Curveback Adirondack Rocking Chair in Crimson Red

Step 5: Choose the Best Hue

Adirondacks come in ample color options to open up a world of palette-pleasing possibilities. Before settling on seat colors, ask yourself the following questions:

What shades fit my home’s current color palette?
Make furniture selections that work with your home’s hues, the surrounding landscape, and your tastes.

What outdoor aesthetic am I aiming for?
Select shades that complement the look you want. A dark and moody design calls for black or navy chairs with charcoal cushions, but citrus-hued seats work best with a tropical-themed patio.

POLYWOOD Lumber Color Combinations

How will the climate impact furniture colors?
It depends on your environment, but there are a few general considerations to make. Darker shades are better at hiding stains and dirt, but they absorb heat more quickly than lighter colors—not ideal for areas that experience intense sun. 

Additionally, climates with higher sun exposure can cause colors to fade faster. No material is completely immune to fading, but your safest bet is to choose ones that offer some UV resistance. You can also increase color longevity by using durable covers and moving seats to shaded areas or storage when they’re not in use.

Color Schemes

Browse our suggested outdoor color schemes to put your Adirondacks in the best light.

Coastal Comfort
Evoke the serene ambiance of the seaside with this cool, calming color palette. The selection of relaxing shades creates an airy, casual atmosphere that beckons you to sit back and relax.

POLYWOOD Home Coastal Comfort Style

  1. Country Living Modern Adirondack Chair 3-Piece Set in Slate Grey
  2. 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Glacier Spa, Sky Blue, and Natural Linen

Earthy Oasis

Design an earth-toned color scheme by drawing on your home’s surrounding landscapes. The resulting look is warm and welcoming to all who enter.

POLYWOOD Home Earthy Oasis Style

  1. Seashell Adirondack Set with Ottomans in Green
  2. 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Spiced Burlap, Dune Burlap, and Grey Mist

Sunny Side Setup

Warm and cheerful, a sun-kissed color palette energizes an open-air room and encourages lively conversations.

POLYWOOD Home The Sunny Side Style

  1. Country Living Curveback Adirondack Chair 3-Piece Set in Lemon
  2. 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Glacier Spa, Buffalo Plaid Dune Burlap, and Cabana Stripe Sky Blue 

Monochrome Home

Elegant yet simplistic, a monochrome scheme relies on various shades of a single color, which turns down the visual noise and brings balance to a space.

POLYWOOD Home The Monochrome Style

  1. Modern Grand Upright Adirondack Chair with Ottoman in Black
  2. 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Grey Mist, Ash Charcoal, and Midnight Linen

Dreamy Desert Dwelling

Highlighting the natural beauty of arid landscapes, this color palette shines with warm neutrals and refreshing hints of green. 

POLYWOOD Home The Dreamy Desert Style

  1. Modern Folding Adirondack Chair 5-Piece Set with Ottomans and 18″ Side Table in Sand
  2. 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Grey Mist, Spiced Burlap, and Ocean Teal

Tropical Getaway

Mirror the lush greenery and clear blue skies of the tropics with this colorful palette.

POLYWOOD Home The Tropical Getaway Style

  1. 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Leaf Marine Indigo, Trellis Glacier Spa, and Leaf Sky Blue
  2. Palm Coast Adirondack in Lime

Mediterranean Escape

Bring the sun-soaked style of southern Europe to your home with this warm-meets-cool color scheme. 

POLYWOOD Home The Mediterranean Escape Style

  1. 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Spiced Burlap, Trellis Dune Burlap, and Marine Indigo
  2. 3-Piece Nautical Grand Adirondack Set in White

Timeless Elegance

A true classic transcends trends. Try this refined color combination in your home to create an inviting and enduring aesthetic.

  1. 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Midnight Linen, Sky Blue, and Natural Linen
  2. Classic Folding Adirondack 3-Piece Set in Navy

Pastel Paradise

Soft and subtle, this color scheme leans on light hues to create a delicate and airy vibe.

  1. Vineyard 3-Piece Adirondack Set with Angled Connecting Table in White
  2. 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Natural Linen, Sky Blue, and Glacier Spa

Step 6: Accessorize

Surround your Adirondack with comfort-boosting accessories.

  • Ottomans or footstools for a place to kick up your feet. 
  • Cushions and headrest pillows for extra support.
  • A basket of thick blankets to stay warm on chilly days.
  • Patio umbrellas in complementing colors for added shade.

Which POLYWOOD Adirondack is the Most Comfortable?

Comfort is subjective, so choosing a seat that gives you the most relaxing experience is a discovery you get to make on your own. Easily peruse all of our styles with our POLYWOOD Adirondack comparison guide.

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  1. wow I like your ideas on accessorizing the chair. The side table and the footstool matching the chair as shown in that photo really give a complete look. I would love to have that complete set in my patio for relaxing during he evenings and the weekends. Very useful advice on how to choose the materials too.

  2. Wonderful information! So many choices – and for such a long lasting product it is important to choose the best for me. Is there a showroom in the Greenville SC area where I could sit in the different Adirondack styles to decide which I prefer?

  3. We are looking for curved back Adirondack chairs with a 15″ seat height. Can you provide a list of models meeting those criteria?

  4. We have 4 chairs, Pacific blue, tangerine, Aruba, and lime. What color conversation table would you suggest?

    1. Hi Liliana,
      With regards to Adirondack chairs, we either have our Curveback Adirondack chairs with a seat height of 16″, which will make it easier to get in and out of. I have included a link to our Curveback models here – We also have our Adirondack-style dining chairs – – which offer the style of an Adirondack chair with the sitting experience of a dining chair.

      Thank you for asking such a great question!

      1. Hi Jeanette, Whether for a birthday, anniversary, or just a special occasion, our gift certificates are the perfect way to show your appreciation and make someone’s day extra special.
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        Happy gifting!

  5. Outdoor seating, including dining chairs, benches, Adirondack chairs and gliders should be provided to give employees a place to sit and enjoy their break or relax during a meeting. Like outdoor tables, most outdoor seating options are made of treated wood, metal or plastic, allowing them to resist damage commonly caused by the elements like rain and sun damage.

  6. One concern I have is the slope of the seat. Chair with less of a slope are easier to get out of. Also, the height o the chair can be problematic for the same reason. I would be interested in info on chairs that have less of a slope and higher off the ground. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Dick! Thank you for reaching out. If you are interested in adirondack chairs that have a higher seat height and that have less of a pitch to the seat, I would highly suggest our curvedback adirondack chairs. These chairs will provide you with an increased seat height of 16″ and will have less of a slope to the seat, which will make it easier to get in and out of. I have included the link to our curveback models below.

      Nautical Curveback Chair:
      Modern Curveback Chair:
      Vineyard Curveback Chair:

      Thank you for reaching out!

      1. Thank you for the info, but what is the height of the chair at the bottom of the “pitch”.
        In plain english, chair is a certain height, say 16.25″ at the front; what is the height at the bottom of the slope, where it touches the back.
        This slope affects one’s ability to get out of the chair for people who do not have a lot of strength.
        Buying chairs for one’s self is one thing; but if you live in a condo, it is difficult to control what is purchased in common areas. Would like information to present to board.
        Does this slope or pitch as you call it vary from chair to chair?

        1. Hi Dee,

          We completely understand that you need the furniture to work for a multitude of people and a variety of comfort levels.

          The slope or pitch can vary by chair. But each of the Curveback options that Lindsey mentioned are the same. The seats measures about 16″ from the ground at the front and about 12.875″ from the ground at the rear of the seat. Also, it might be helpful to know that angle from the seat to the backrest is roughly 103 degrees.

          Have a great day!

    1. Hi Carol! Great question. The adirondack chairs are tested for up to 400 lbs. Thank you for taking the time to ask!

  7. We are short size people family members

    What will be the best adirondack style styles chair that will be more comfortable for us ?

    Let me know


    1. Hi Jose! Thank you for reaching out to us! We would recommend our traditional style adirondack chairs because they will provide you with a lower seat height. I have included the links to some suggestions below.

      Modern Adirondack Chair:
      Vineyard Adirondack Chair:
      Nautical Adirondack Chair:

      We hope this helps!

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  9. I have a chair set that is connected by a table between the two chairs. Each chair has an extended footrest that folds up and recesses under the char when the footrest is slid into the closed position. The issue is that, the footrest when in place and fully extended has five inch legs which when used slants down at an angle that I find uncomfortable. I was wondering if I could order longer legs that will keep the footrest at more of a level position with the chair seat of the chair when extended.

    1. Hi Paul,

      We would love the opportunity to look into this for you! Our Customer Experience Team will be able to determine if we are able to help with adjustments to your current chair or look at options for a more comfortable solution. You many reach them at at your convenience and they will be happy to help!

      Have a wonderful day!

  10. Hi, average height is under 5 feet 7 inches, love look but want something easy to get out of that we can add cushions if you sell them…thnx

    1. Hello

      Excellent question. We have several styles to choose from in an Adirondack and a more casual style with a curved back which is very comfortable. Both these models are going to provide you options that are easier to get in and out of. I am sending two links as examples for you to see.

      Vineyard Curveback Adirondack Chair –
      Nautical Curveback Adirondack Dining Chair –

      Thank you

  11. Truth – every time your post shows up on Facebook I am sad. Why??? Too expensive for us and not in our budget. Your products are beautiful and each style and color brightens the outdoors for all who purchase them.

  12. It would be so nice if your drawing of chairs dimensions had the seat completely flat and dotted line shows the tilt in inches. So often it is all about the tilt that makes it exactly what you are looking for. Same with the back of the chair…show the chair back and a dotted line shows the completely straight back. It would make it so easy to give you as sense of the degree of tilt…for seat and chair back.

    1. Hi Julie,

      That’s a great idea, thanks for sharing!

      We’ll be sure to pass it along to our design and engineering teams to check into.

      Have a wonderful day!

  13. Hi, I live on Canada’s west coast, close to the border. There’s a local courier service who arranges for USA shipments to a destination just south of the border, and then brings the product across the border to a nearby Canadian airport. I can then collect the product at the airport, pay customs, sales tax, and the courier fee, and the product becomes mine. Is this doable?

    1. Hi Laurie,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Yes, you could place your order and have it shipped to the courier’s location. Then they could handle the arrangements from there.

      Have a great day!

  14. Good afternoon, I am looking for a king Adirondack that will be most comfortable for me I am 6 foot three and roughly 255 pounds.My email address is

    1. Hi Mikel,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      One of our Curveback Adirondacks would be a great option for you. They have a higher seat height so it’s easier to get into and out, which is great no matter how tall you are. They also have a little more room in the seat and a taller backrest.

      You can see the following links to check each one and see what you think:

      Have a wonderful day!

  15. Please

    71 years old, live alone and would really
    Like to Have one of these chairs Problem is I have no
    Idea which o e would work for
    Me I’m on the heavy side (242 lbs) I recently
    O w of these chairs
    At a local
    Store but not sure it was a true ardinrock.
    It was comfortable and because of the large wide arms it made it easier to get up

    Any advise Prices etc
    Please reply to;
    Thank You

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for reaching out to us!

      One of our Curveback Adirondacks would be a great option for you. They have a higher seat height so it’s easier to get into and out, which is great no matter how tall you are. They also have a little more room in the seat and a taller backrest.

      You can see the following links to check each one and see what you think:

      Have a wonderful day!

  16. Love the look of your chairs. Especially the waterfall front edge which is way more comfortable than the straight edge. However, I would like a folding chair for winter storage in the Northeast. But none of them have the waterfall front edge for comfort of the back of your legs. Can you tell me why you can’t get the waterfall edge in a folding chair? I see it on other brands so it can’t be because of the ability to fold. Is it possible to have it custom made?

    1. Hello Ellen,

      Thank you for your question!

      At this time, due to the way that we design and manufacture our Folding Adirondack Chairs, we do not currently have the option for a folding chair with a waterfall front seat I’m afraid. In addition, we do not custom-make our products either. We apologise for the inconvenience! However, a folding chair with a waterfall front seat may be something we could consider for the future, so we appreciate your feedback!

      Please know that if you do have the option to leave furniture outside, our POLYWOOD furniture is designed to be All-Weather and hold up in all climates, whether snowy or hot, so it is not a necessity to store our furniture over the winter.

      Thank you for reaching out!

  17. I need four good chairs for my new fire pit.
    What’s the least expensive Adirondack chair for my need?
    Don’t want to get crazy…..just comfortable for me and three friends….:-)

    1. Hello Bob,

      Thanks for reaching out! If you need to purchase hardware to reassemble your POLYWOOD furniture, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team via email at, and they will be more than happy to assist you.

      All the best!

  18. How do the HDPE chairs stand up to the intense heat and UV radiation of the American southwest? That’s a real concern in Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Tucson.

    1. Hello there!

      That is a great question! Yes, our furniture is designed to withstand all climates. POLYWOOD HDPE lumber is extruded with UV inhibitors and stabilizers which run continuously throughout the material and protect our lumber from harmful environmental degradation.

      I hope this is helpful. All the best!

    1. Hello Amber,

      The cost and lead time will vary for each product. If there is a specific SKU of Adirondack Chair that you are interested in, the product pages on will provide the information relating to the cost and lead time of each model/colour. You can find the different models of Adirondack Chairs via the link below:

      Thank you for reaching out!

  19. The best article,, When you’re on the road for work, school, travel, or other commitments, it’s tough. But when you walk into your new apartment and feel at home, it’s one of the best feelings. Corporate Rentals provides wholesale furniture on rent in Maryland, United States.

  20. You indicate that the shorter seat height is better for short people to get out of the chair but then recommend the curved back chairs with the 16” height seats for older people to get out of the chair best. Which is best?

    1. Hi Priscilla,

      We have different styles and sizes of Adirondack chairs to suit all of our customers with varying seat heights of 13.68″ – 16.25″. If you’re needing a chair that you can get in and out of easily, the curveback models are the way to go since the seat sits the highest at 16.25″.

      Thanks for asking!

      1. Hi Ashley! Which is the most narrow profile curveback style? I’m looking for a smaller model to fit more comfortably on my tiny urban condo balcony. Thanks!

        1. Hello Kathy,

          Thank you for your interest in our Curveback style of Adirondack chairs. All of this style will have the same width at 31.25″ and depth of 33.5″ so you can pick the style you like best.

          Best wishes,

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    1. Hi Donald! We offer our Nautical and Vineyard Rockers in a variety of colors, however, each individual rocker will only be 1 solid color. We hope this helps.

  22. Great guide on buying Adirondack chairs! I never knew there were so many options and features to consider. This will definitely help me make an informed decision for my outdoor space. Thanks for sharing!

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