How to Hang a Porch Swing: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Thinking about buying an outdoor swing for your porch or beneath your deck? What a dreamy idea. A front porch swing enhances your home’s aesthetic and gives family a place to slow down, sit back, and sway the day away. If you’ve never hung a porch swing before, you should know that it will require a little more time and work to install than other … Continue reading How to Hang a Porch Swing: Your Step-by-Step Guide

9 Outdoor Fairy Lights Ideas

Outdoor lighting is practical and pretty. Friends and family can see where they’re going on paths, safely walk up and down stairs, and feel secure when lights on motion sensors illuminate the yard. It’s also your chance to set the mood and give guests a peek at your creative side.  One of the most popular ways to brighten up and beautify your space is with … Continue reading 9 Outdoor Fairy Lights Ideas

10 Fall Craft Ideas for the Whole Family

Fall is a lovely time of year. The weather cools down, the leaves change, and the sweaters come out. And for many of us, fall is also the time to get some serious crafting done. We found easy fall craft ideas you can do with your kids, friends, or on your own. The best part is that many of these ideas use items you probably … Continue reading 10 Fall Craft Ideas for the Whole Family

DIY Hanging Rainboot Planters

7 Easy, Sustainable DIY Planters

Looking for ways to revamp your outdoor space without breaking the bank? If you happen to have old bottles, boots, or wood laying around the house, you can transform them into creative, sustainable DIY planters. Taking common household items and giving them a new lease on life is one of our favorite ways to teach children about recycling, and there’s no shortage of second-hand objects … Continue reading 7 Easy, Sustainable DIY Planters

20 Exciting Outdoor Hobbies to Try This Year

If you’re looking for something to do outside, consider taking up an outdoor hobby. It’ll allow you to unplug from electronics, connect with nature, and bring joy to your daily life. There are plenty of outdoor pursuits to choose from, but these 20 activities are among the most popular.  The Benefits of Having a Hobby Hobbies can improve the overall quality of your life. If … Continue reading 20 Exciting Outdoor Hobbies to Try This Year

DIY Greenhouse for Every Skill Level

A greenhouse provides a wealth of benefits for your home. They extend your growing season through the winter and prevent pests from destroying your plants. Plus, you can grow plants that aren’t native to your area. With time and the right resources, you’ll have a beautiful greenhouse in the comfort of your backyard. Read below for tips on how to build your very own DIY … Continue reading DIY Greenhouse for Every Skill Level

Fall Gardening Projects for Kids

Gardening is an excellent way to get outside and spend quality time with your kids. You might think gardening is a spring or summer activity, but fall is just as good of a season. The cooler weather is perfect for a wide variety of plants that grow and thrive in the autumn months.  Here are a few ideas for gardening projects you can do with … Continue reading Fall Gardening Projects for Kids

How to Start Composting at Home

Over the years, composting has become increasingly popular among green thumbs. In a nutshell, composting is the natural process of decomposing food and yard waste. The end product — which many gardeners call “black gold” — can be added to soil to help plants grow. It also helps reduce your carbon footprint and limit your contribution to landfills. This blog covers the benefits and basics … Continue reading How to Start Composting at Home


4 Do-It-Yourself Patio Projects

Summer’s here and what better way to get those creative juices flowing than with DIY patio ideas to beautify your patio, porch, or backyard? Here are some of our favorite projects to add a little color and plenty of visual interest to any outdoor space. Self-Watering Planter Do you buy pots overflowing with flowers for your patio… and then let them die because you miss … Continue reading 4 Do-It-Yourself Patio Projects