4 Ways to Elevate Your White House Exterior

Originally Published on September 5, 2023. Last Updated on September 6, 2023.

Hey, y’all–Eva here! It’s no secret that I’m POLYWOOD’s biggest fan. My family spends a lot of time outside, so we need outdoor furniture that’s functional, stylish, and comfortable. POLYWOOD ticks all of those boxes and more! 

When we built our dream home in North Carolina, I had my mind set on one thing: I wanted the exterior to be white. So much so that we started calling it “The White House.” After we finished painting, it was time to pick outdoor furniture that complemented the exterior, so I headed straight to POLYWOOD. 

Getting the look right was super important to me because I wanted my outdoor settings to reflect the dreamy modern farmhouse style filling my indoor spaces. I achieved my goal and want to help you do the same in your home—so keep reading!  

In this post, we’ll explore how to style and pair POLYWOOD furniture, paying special attention to colors, cushions, and styling tips that complement a white house exterior.

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Color Coordination
Cushion Comfort and Color
Styling Tips
Harmony and Cohesion

1. Color Coordination

Bold Contrasts 

When working with a white house exterior, consider furniture colors that create a striking contrast. Darker shades like black add a touch of modernity to the rustic look and make the furniture’s design stand out against the white backdrop.

Eva Shockey on the porch in a POLYWOOD Braxton Porch Rocking Chair in Black
Featured: Braxton Porch Rocking Chair in Black

Neutral Tones 

Incorporate neutral tones for a timeless look. I used a deep seating chair duo from POLYWOOD’s Harbour Collection and a coordinating side table in Vintage Sahara because the hue pairs seamlessly with our white board and batten siding. This combination exudes warmth and complements the surroundings while maintaining a soothing atmosphere.

Featured: Harbour Deep Seating Chair in Vintage Sahara/Dune Burlap and Two Shelf Side Table in Sand

2. Cushion Comfort and Color

Soft Accents 

Introduce cushions and pillows that add both comfort and color to your outdoor furniture. I chose sand-colored cushions for my deep seating chairs to infuse a relaxed and inviting vibe that harmonized with the Vintage Sahara frames.

Accent Colors 

For a pop of color, consider throw pillows in soft blue, green, or pastel shades. These accents bring life to the space without overpowering the white exterior. I recommend experimenting with cushions that echo the colors found in the natural landscapes surrounding your home.

Featured (Left): Braxton Counter Arm Chair and Nautical 31″ Counter Table in White
Featured (Right): Nautical Chaise with Arms & Wheels and Newport 18″ End Table in Vintage White, and 9′ Tilt Market Umbrella & Base in White/Cast Ash

3. Styling Tips

Layering Textures 

Incorporate texture through throw pillows, blankets, and rugs. Mixing woven fabrics, plush cushions, and natural materials adds depth to the space and creates an inviting atmosphere.

Functional Side Tables 

I love that POLYWOOD offers side tables of varying heights with extra shelves. They not only offer practical surfaces but also serve as decorative elements. Consider adorning them with potted plants, candles, or small decor items to enhance the visual appeal.

Plant Life 

Greenery adds vibrancy to outdoor spaces. Place potted plants or hanging baskets near your POLYWOOD furniture to create a seamless connection between nature and design.

Psst! Visit my home decor shop, Eva & Co. to see pillows, blankets, faux greenery, and more that will complete the look of your outdoor spaces.

Featured (Left): Club Sofa and Club Chair in Teak/Weathered Tweed, and Harbour Slat Coffee Table and Long Island 18″ Side Table in Teak
Featured (Right): Braxton 3-Piece Porch Rocking Chair Set in Black

4. Harmony and Cohesion

Unified Aesthetics 

Aim for a unified aesthetic by choosing a consistent color theme for your furniture pieces. The Vintage Sahara and Vintage White hues create a cohesive look that celebrates the white exterior while adding a touch of warmth and charm.

Symmetry and Balance 

Arrange your furniture in a balanced manner. For instance, I picked counter-height arm chairs in Vintage White from POLYWOOD’s Braxton Collection and a coordinating counter table (in the same shade) from their Nautical Collection to bring symmetry to my back porch, enhancing the visual appeal and inviting relaxation.

Featured (Left): Braxton Counter Arm Chair and Nautical 31″ Counter Table in White
Featured (Right): Harbour Deep Seating Chair in Vintage Sahara/Dune Burlap and Two Shelf Side Table in Sand

Styling POLYWOOD furniture against a white house exterior is an art that involves playing with colors, textures, and design elements. By choosing complementary shades, thoughtfully selecting cushions, and incorporating creative styling techniques, you can craft an outdoor oasis tailored to your family’s needs.

POLYWOOD’s versatile and durable pieces provide the perfect canvas for expressing your unique style while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m looking forward to extending patio season into all four seasons so I can spend more time OUTSIDE! 

P.S. Check out my collab page for more information on the exact POLYWOOD products that I have—and more style inspo! 

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