Porch Fence Ideas for a Private Oasis

Originally Published on March 4, 2020. Last Updated on February 29, 2024.

Having an outdoor porch of your own is a dream come true for many homeowners. It’s the perfect place for conversations over coffee or me-time with a glass of wine. But if you want your little oasis secluded and serene, you may need to add some kind of barrier that blocks noise and wind (and in some cases, nosy neighbors). Here are several tips and ideas for upping the protection and privacy of your porch—while also boosting curb appeal.

Built-In Porch Privacy Ideas

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Featured: Presidential 3-Piece Rocker Set in White


Porch Railing

Fences are ideal for maximizing privacy, containing pets, and keeping kiddos safer during playtime. However, adding a fence around the perimeter of your property can be costly and may violate your HOA rules. To sidestep these potential challenges, you may opt to add a railing only around your front porch. For optimal privacy, go with durable materials like vinyl or composite and a railing style with small openings in between the vertical posts. 

Porch Trellis Panels

Another option is lattice fence paneling, which still gives you a view beyond your porch. You can also grow vining plants along the lattice for a dreamy cottage vibe. Just like traditional railing, you want to look for outdoor-friendly materials here too. 

Porch Privacy on a Budget

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Featured: Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Chinoiserie 3-Piece Deep Seating Set in Sand

These clever solutions will grant you seclusion and a sense of separation from the space beyond your home without costing the equivalent of a new porch railing. Based on the design of your home and your vision for your outdoor porch, these options might even be preferable.


With a little ingenuity, foliage can obscure your seating area or breakfast nook from view. Beyond trellis railing, another great idea is to display tiered hanging pots along the barriers of your space. This method is most effective for porches underneath balconies. Layering hanging pots with trailing plants like ivy will create a stunning green privacy screen.

Another way to create a wall of green is to line a row of our Traditional Garden Planters along the part of your porch that faces your neighbors or the street. Situate tall greenery like bamboo or ornamental grasses inside for height.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are a low-cost, low-maintenance privacy solution that is easy to transport and rearrange if you adjust the layout of your space. Privacy screens are available in several materials to complement your existing paneling or flooring. An important caveat is that while they are typically lightweight and transportable, this makes them vulnerable to high winds and extreme weather.

For an inventive extension of this idea, roll up your sleeves and collect some old shutters. You can zip-tie old shutters to an existing wire fence to create a stunning, unique privacy barrier that can be rearranged or dismantled at any time.

Privacy Outdoor Curtains

Cozier spaces can incorporate optional seclusion and openness if you fashion privacy curtains from outdoor fabrics to hang along the barriers of your porch. This is easiest when your space is below a deck or balcony, as you can hang the curtains from existing structures. That said, you can also construct inexpensive DIY curtain rods with a few simple supplies from your local hardware store.

“I didn’t realize outdoor curtains were essential until I owned them. They not only add texture and a feeling of intimacy…but they also do a great job of aiding privacy from neighbors if you don’t have tall or thick enough bushes.” -Rachel Pereira, Interior Designer, shadesofblueinteriors.com

Photo Credit: Shades of Blue Interiors on Instagram

POLYWOOD Porch Furniture Recommendations

Of course, no private porch retreat is complete without comfortable lounge furniture. Keep in mind that bold colors often draw attention, so look for neutral-toned design that blend in with the landscape or exterior siding to keep your porch under the radar. Durable, weatherproof POLYWOOD lumber is offered in several natural, earthen colors to make it easy to find one that works for your home. 

The backs of our deep seating collections are essentially giant pillows, making these styles extra cozy. This private deck from one of our customers, shown below, was the perfect fit for deep seating from our Vineyard Collection

POLYWOOD Vineyard 3-Piece Deep Seating Set in Black/Natural Linen
Featured: Vineyard 3-Piece Deep Seating Set in Black/Natural Linen
POLYWOOD Vineyard 3-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set POLYWOOD Vineyard 4-Piece Deep Seating Set
POLYWOOD POLYWOOD Vineyard 4-Piece Deep Seating Set

For an intimate space, less is often more. With seating for three and plenty of space for drinks, snacks, and your favorite book, the Grant Park 4-Piece Deep Seating Set won’t feel like a limitation. The all-weather deep seating set is prepared for anything Mother Nature throws its way. 

POLYWOOD Grant Park 4-Piece Deep Seating Set

Browse our furniture options for different spaces, and you’re sure to discover something that matches your vision. With a little creativity, anything is possible.

How did you create some privacy for your porch? Sound off in the comments!

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