Featured Vacation Destination: Lakemore Retreat and Resort

From the exceptional ski slopes to your dream beach wedding, there’s always a reason to travel to Michigan. But to ensure an unforgettable family vacation from beginning to end, you’ll need much more than a block of hotel rooms. That’s where Lakemore Retreat and Resort comes in.

Located on the shores of Arbutus Lake and just 10 miles from downtown Traverse City, Lakemore offers two picturesque properties filled with award-winning vacation rental homes. Everything you need for an incredible getaway can be found at either location, from modernized homes and tri-toon boat rentals to POLYWOOD furniture.

High-quality furniture holds up to the wear and tear that comes with rental properties. We invest in furniture that will last, so our replacement costs of keeping a property looking and feeling new are manageable.” – Tricia Adams, co-owner of Lakemore Retreat and Resort

Get a Little More with Lakemore

Lakemore Retreat and Resort share a mission of creating nostalgic waterfront experiences. Owners Dean and Tricia Adams put a great deal of time into creating serene settings guests can enjoy year-round. Being local residents themselves, they recognized the need for amenities that could handle the northern Michigan winters and repeat use, so they turned to POLYWOOD.

Guests are utilizing our outdoor spaces more often because of the furniture. Sitting on the dock, enjoying the fire pit, and eating meals on quality, well-maintained furniture encourages guests to stay and enjoy our environment rather than visiting other places in town.” – Tricia Adams

Adams goes on to state that guests often comment fondly on their design choices, saying that the POLYWOOD furniture is “sturdy,” “beautiful,” and “clever.”

Lakemore Retreat and Resort are well known for quality, so when it came to outdoor furniture, we needed a brand that met that standard. An added bonus was that the style also worked perfectly for our Northern Michigan vibe.” – Tricia Adams

Lakemore Retreat

Good news travels fast, and northern Michigan has quickly become a popular destination for those seeking both adventure and a cozy atmosphere. Lakemore Retreat’s luxury rentals opened in 2015, providing high-end, one-of-a-kind experiences for local and long-distance travelers.

With three homes available to rent, this property is perfect for large, celebratory events and casual getaways alike. The first things you’ll notice about your chosen vacation home are its distinct theme and unique features. You’ll find rustic accents and a cozy dining room fireplace in one, vintage-inspired decor and a bonus kitchenette in another, and many more choice amenities that will surprise and delight your family.

There are elements every home offers, such as fully equipped kitchens, stone fireplaces, and free access to kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. (There are also tri-toon rentals if you desire an effortless excursion around the lake.) You’ll even have multiple lounge opportunities with the POLYWOOD furniture that dots the properties’ fire pit spaces and alfresco dining rooms.

Lakemore Resort

The newest of the two vacation rental locations, Lakemore Resort sits on the opposite side of Arbutus Lake from its sister property. Nestled on an 11-acre waterfront setting shrouded by towering evergreens and oaks, it’s ideal for calm, come-together moments after a busy day of skiing, kayaking, or exploring downtown Traverse City. 

Each of the Resort’s homes is designed with a central hue, a kaleidoscopic collection that came to life in 2020. Any dwelling you choose is equipped with smart home technology and offers easy access to oversized hot tubs, outdoor fire pits, the property’s private beach and docks, and many other family-loved features. They all boast bright, spacious designs with color-coordinated details, from the cabinetry and window trim to the POLYWOOD furniture in the outdoor dining and lounge areas.

We had fun selecting all the POLYWOOD [pieces] for our property. At the Resort, I chose colors that accompanied the theme indoors, and when houses are themed based on colors, it makes choosing POLYWOOD pretty simple.” – Tricia Adams

A Business Model Worth Following

Lakemore Retreat and Resort is a preferred destination for summer weddings, snowy getaways for two, and families looking for a change of pace among autumn’s changing leaves.

Our clients and guests understand that we are serious about quality in all areas, and it keeps them coming back time after time.” – Tricia Adams

It seems they’re doing things right. Reservations book up quickly, and securing your stay at least 18 months in advance is recommended.

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