1 Piece, 3 Ways: The Presidential Rocker

The Presidential Rocker is a customer favorite, and for good reason. It features a timeless aesthetic, offers stay-all-day comfort, and is available in all of the lumber colors we carry. This means endless possibilities for your enhancing your outdoor look. There are many ways to style this versatile, best-selling rocker in your open-air space, and we wanted to share our favorite ideas with you. Here … Continue reading 1 Piece, 3 Ways: The Presidential Rocker

white rocking chair with green pillow

Comparing Rocking Chair Styles

Whether you’re shopping for your first rocking chair or expanding a current collection, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide compares our various rockers to help fine-tune your search for the perfect one.  Every design offers all the benefits of POLYWOOD outdoor furniture—sustainable materials, all-weather durability, easy upkeep, and unrivaled comfort. Unlike wooden rocking chairs, ours don’t need to be sanded, repainted, or … Continue reading Comparing Rocking Chair Styles


POLYWOOD Porch Makeover

When our Creative Team first had the idea to put together some local outdoor makeovers featuring our furniture, it was the dead of winter. With our corporate headquarters in Indiana, there wasn’t a whole lot we could do but wait until the weather warmed up. Fast forward to spring and we thought, why not look in our own backyards? My aunt and uncle have an … Continue reading POLYWOOD Porch Makeover