18 Gorgeous Grey Exterior Color Schemes + Ideas

Originally Published on November 14, 2022. Last Updated on June 29, 2023.

You can’t go wrong with grey when choosing a new color for your home’s exterior. Grey is the utility player of the paint spectrum—it plays well with other colors, excelling both as a supporting accent shade or starring as the primary hue.

From modern grey house exterior color schemes to eclectic combinations and understated palettes, let this list of grey paint ideas inspire your next home update. 

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Peaceful Palettes
For a Pop of Color
Mixed Materials

Peaceful Palettes

Each color scheme listed here is serene and understated, allowing you to convey a welcome-home aesthetic both indoors and out.

1. Cloud Grey, Blue-Grey, and White

This color palette feels calm and centering, like a deep breath of fresh air. Slate grey’s blue undertone and white accents complement the cloudy grey, encouraging this quiet color to step into the spotlight. 

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2. Flint, Sage, and Aegean

Inspired by the sound of waves skimming over sand and stone, this coastal color scheme features a flint grey foundation with splashes of sage green and Aegean blue accents.

POLYWOOD Color Pairings: Slate Grey Lumber with Spa & Sky Blue Fabrics

3. Pearl, Navy, and Mahogany

Mahogany is a warm, rich color that balances lighter greys and dark blues. Using a light pearl grey as your main color, try a mahogany stain on your front door and garage doors with navy shutters and window trim. 

POLYWOOD Coastal Dining Chair in Mahogany
Featured: Coastal Dining Chair in Mahogany

4. Heather Grey and Hunter Green

If you live in a wooded area, light grey house exterior schemes like this one fit right in with the landscape. The light grey shade allows your home to blend in among the copses of trees, and the dark hunter hue connects it to nature.

POLYWOOD Color Pairings: Green Lumber with Grey Mist Fabric

5. Grey Gradient 

Greyscale is a designer-approved way to achieve a modern home aesthetic. We’re not talking about the stark contrast of white to grey to black, but grey hues that gracefully flow together—like the colors in a gradient. For example, dove grey darkens to iron with the help of transition shades like smoke and graphite.

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6. Pebble Grey with Umber and Tan

Let your home’s exterior blend into its surroundings with this earthy color palette. A dusky pebble grey paired with tan and burnt umber (a dark reddish-brown shade) connects with naturally occurring neutrals in clay, soil, stone, and foliage.

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7. Charcoal, White, and Muted Pastels

Dreamy pastels add a bit of whimsy to a modern grey house exterior. A muted lavender or seafoam green paired with white and dark charcoal makes for a contrasting color combination that beckons the eye and calms the mind. To avoid a too-sweet look, stick to a single pastel.

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For a Pop of Color

Vivid accent hues add depth and personality to dark and light grey house exterior color schemes. 

POLYWOOD Vineyard Adirondack Chair in Sunset Red and Navy
Featured: Vineyard Adirondack Chair in Sunset Red and Navy

8. Lemon and Grey​​

When lemon accompanies relaxed, approachable greys, this happy hue is like a warm hug for homes. Paint your front door, window trim, or porch railing a bold yellow to bring brightness to your abode.

POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair in Lemon
Featured: Presidential Rocking Chair in Lemon

9. Blue-Grey, Blue, and Red

Slate grey contains hints of blue, which means it pairs well with tones like navy or cornflower. Surprise and delight passersby with additional bold red accents on the front door, shutters, or even your roof.

POLYWOOD Color Pairings: Blue-Grey House Exterior with Making Waves Fabric & Sunset Red Lumber

10. Light Grey and Hot Pink

A bright color like pink is an unexpected pairing for light grey. When this fun shade is used in the right setting—such as on the front door of a coastal or ultramodern home painted in light grey—it creates a joyful and inviting aesthetic.

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Featured: Oxford 3-Piece Farmhouse Dining Set in White

11. Blue-Green and Grey

Blue-green is a widely loved accent color, and any of its shades can bring extra depth to a grey color palette. Try turquoise and greige for a tropical vibe or a dark shade of teal and pewter for something more moody—this color combination offers something for everyone.  

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Featured: Presidential Rocking Chair in Aruba

12. Grey, Red, and Black

One of the most popular exterior color combinations, this trio of bold shades has graced many farmhouses, Colonial homes, and modern dwellings. If you want to replicate this color scheme, be thoughtful about how and where you use accent colors. For example, you don’t want to draw the eye to red downspouts or gutters. 

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Mixed Materials

Add dimension, character, and visual appeal to your home by using different materials in your exterior update.

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13. Dark Grey, Light Stone, and Steel

Incorporating dark grey paint or stain with steel accents and the natural neutrals offered up by stone will result in a clean, modern look you can be proud of. Interestingly, if you change up the metal and stone types, you can quickly take the aesthetic from sleek to rustic.

POLYWOOD Color Pairings: Dark Grey, Slate, & Steel

14. Fossil Grey, White, and Cherry Wood

Fossil is a warm grey that pairs beautifully with the subtle red tones in cherry wood. These darker elements are offset (but not overpowered) by bright white trim. 

POLYWOOD Grant Park 3-Piece Deep Seating Set in Slate Grey
Featured: Grant Park 3-Piece Deep Seating Set in Slate Grey

15. Grey with Graphite Stone

Make your home stand out by pairing light grey paint shades with graphite stonework. The differing colors and textures add depth and intrigue, making your home a stylish conversation starter. 

POLYWOOD Color Pairings: Black Lumber & Grey Mist Fabric

16. Black, Dark Grey, Wrought Iron, and Cedar

Want a bold and daring modern grey house exterior? Use a shadowy grey as the primary shade, then follow up with black for your trim and wrought iron accents. Warm things up with a cedar wood front door, pergola, or fencing—its natural beauty and textural contrast will wow your guests and neighbors.

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17. Blue-Grey and Red Brick

Blue and red is a popular color combination for homes because it’s stately without being stuffy. An extra level of intrigue is added when the blue has hints of cool grey that contrast with a rich red brick exterior. 

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Featured: Riviera Modern Lounge 4-Piece Set in White

18. Charcoal and Pine

Pinewood’s light, honey hues pair well with a darker shade of grey like charcoal. Pine’s elasticity makes it an excellent and affordable choice for exterior trim. (Make sure to seal it with a clear varnish to help protect it from the elements.)   

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What accent color goes with a grey exterior?

Many accent color options pair with a grey exterior. Some of the most popular shades are:

  • Greens: hunter, sage, seafoam, or moss
  • Reds: crimson, cherry, rust, or maroon
  • Blues: cyan, sapphire,  powder, or navy
  • Browns: mahogany, pecan, or chocolate
  • Yellows: lemon, butter, honey, or mustard

How do I choose an exterior color scheme?

When choosing an exterior color scheme for your home, ask yourself the following questions, then use the answers to narrow your choices:

  • What does the surrounding environment look like?
  • Are there colors on your home that can’t be changed?
  • Are there HOA requirements to consider?
  • What stain and paint color work best on varying exterior surfaces?
  • How will the colors look in the shade, in sunlight, and at different times of the day?

Once you’ve answered all these questions, head to your local paint store for swatches. Tape the swatches outside in shaded and sunny spots around your house, then check throughout the day to see how the colors look in changing light. Repeat this process with sample-sized tubs of paint that you purchased in the swatch colors you liked best. Finally, if the chosen colors meet your expectations, consider this your official exterior color scheme. 

What colors complement grey best?

When choosing colors that best complement grey, take time to examine the factors that impact this nuanced neutral.

Lighting: Like other colors, grey appears differently in varying settings. A shade of grey will look one way under your basement’s fluorescent lighting and entirely different on your home’s exterior in natural sunlight. Testing color palettes in areas around your home to see how they look at different times of the day will help you determine the right color pairings.

Undertones: Every grey hue has its own undertone that sets it apart from the rest. The undertone determines how warm or cool a shade will be. For example, grey with hints of blue, green, or purple is seen as a cool hue, and it pairs well with similar color schemes. Grey with a red, yellow, or brown undertone is considered warm and coordinates with similar colors.

Multiple Tones: Hundreds of grey shades exist from onyx to white smoke and beyond. All these options allow you to play with colors and create a unique palette that fits your home’s aesthetic. Coordinating light greys with pastels brings a sense of calm to a setting. Conversely, a bold charcoal paired with a striking shade of green lets you make a statement without saying a word.


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