24 Curb Appeal Ideas to Make Your Home Stand Out

Originally Published on June 9, 2022. Last Updated on August 2, 2022.

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and slowed down to look at a gorgeous home? When you see tidy landscaping, coordinated decor, and a well-kept porch, you can only imagine that if it looks this good out here, it must look amazing on the inside.

This is what happens when a homeowner effectively increases their home’s curb appeal.

What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is the level of a property’s attractiveness as seen from a street view. 

Increasing your home’s curb appeal is surprisingly easy, and we’ve compiled a list of 24 beauty-boosting ideas to help you freshen up your outdoor look.

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Front Door

Front Porch

Front Yard

House Exterior


Front Door

Quick Upgrades

1. Paint Your Front Door

A fresh coat of paint will make your front door look brand new. Choose a gloss or semi-gloss exterior paint because their shiny finishes make them stand out—and stand up to outdoor elements better than flatter sheens. Be sure to pick a shade that complements the siding and fixture colors on the front of the house.

2. Replace the Hardware

Take your front door refresh a step further by upgrading the hardware. Replace the door handles and deadbolt with new fixtures in finishes that complement your home’s style and color. A matching smart lock and decorative door knocker are also excellent additions. Finishes for door hardware include:

  1. Bronze – Antique and oil-rubbed are popular bronze finishes. Bronze requires a protective coating to maintain its color. 
  2. Nickel – Brushed nickel hides fingerprints well.
  3. Matte black – This finish gives a modern look that complements minimalist aesthetics.
  4. Chrome – Chrome is resistant to corrosion, with polished and brushed options being the most popular.
  5. Brass – This finish offers an attractive antique look that fits a traditional house style, but brass requires regular upkeep to prevent tarnishing.
  6. Pewter – Pewter is resistant to rust and corrosion, but it scratches and dents easily.
  7. Stainless steel – This durable finish won’t rust or corrode.
  8. Copper – Copper finish is not only unique for hardware but is also said to have antimicrobial properties.
  9. Zinc – Zinc hardware is durable and rustproof.

Source: HomeDepot.com

3. Door Decor

DIY Summer Wreath for Front Door by Sarah Joy
Source and Photo Credit: Sarah Joy

The easiest and fastest way to freshen up your front door is with decorations. Visit your local florist for a dried flower wreath that will last for years. Or, you can get crafty and make your own. Try making this cottage-style DIY front door wreath from Sarah Joy. It takes less than an hour to make, and the materials only cost around $20.

Front Porch or Patio

Quick Upgrades 

4. Add Plants

Bring life to your front porch or patio with the right plants. Use flower boxes, planters, or hanging baskets to display your chosen blooms—just make sure the containers coordinate with your other outdoor decor. Try displaying them in pairs to add symmetry to the front of your home. You can buy containers or make your own DIY planters. If you live in cooler climates, choose sturdy plants that can handle snowy winters. Boxwood, arborvitae, and Blue Star junipers are all hearty container plants that offer year-round foliage. 

5. Add Furniture

POLYWOOD® 3-Piece South Beach Adirondack Set in Tangerine
South Beach Adirondack 3-Piece Set in Tangerine

A seating area with comfortable seating makes a big difference in curb appeal and gives the look of a house an inviting vibe. Rockers and Adirondack chairs are front porch favorites because they exude a sense of welcoming that encourages guests to pull up a seat and relax. Adding in a pair of coordinating accent tables to hold drinks or decor is also a good idea.

Pro tip: Don’t overcrowd the space. Instead, go for open and uncluttered, using enough furniture for seating visitors while still allowing them room to stretch their legs.

Weekend Projects

6. Add Lights

Front door with outdoor light fixtures on either side

Exterior lights are practical and stylish outdoor additions that will increase your home’s value. Allow family and friends to safely navigate your front yard by lining walkways with lanterns and front steps with LED light strips. For ambiance, install hanging lamps or wall sconces on your porch. 

Pro tip: Make sure the lightbulbs you use are all the same (or complementing) color. Otherwise, the clashing hues can be an eyesore. 

Bright Ideas: Complete Your Outdoor Look With Lighting

Worth-the-Wait Updates

7. Add Shade 

The addition of shade adds curb appeal because it lets potential buyers imagine more opportunities to unwind outside since they’ll be protected from the sun and rain. Building a roof is a great shade option, but if that doesn’t fit your budget or your personal style, consider installing pergolas or retractable awnings, or planting shade trees.

Dream Big: Design The Ideal Front Porch or Patio 

Front Yard

Quick Upgrades 

8. Decorations

Increase your front yard’s curb appeal easily with bird feeders, wind chimes, water fountains, or other outdoor decor. Choose pieces that fit your home’s aesthetic and budget, and consider these eco-friendly options

9. Mailbox Makeover

Rose and Vine Covered Mailbox by Marc & Mandy
Source: Marc & Mandy

Mailboxes are one of the first things visitors notice since they’re located right on the road. Replace your outdated mailbox with a new version, or give your current mailbox a fresh new look by repainting it and planting flowers at the base. Browse Etsy for loads of mailbox design inspiration—some even come personalized with your address numbers on them. This inexpensive project is a simple way to increase your home’s curb appeal. 

10. New House Numbers

House numbers with vining flowers

Catch the eye of a “drive-by buyer” with new house numbers. According to a Moving.com article, updating your house numbers is an easy and affordable way to add to your home’s curb appeal. Shop online or head to your local home improvement store to find address numbers for your home’s exterior. Choose new numbers in a font that’s easy to read and fits the look of your home. 

11. Clean Up Your Yard

Completing yard work like mowing the lawn, sweeping your driveway and walkway, and pulling weeds can do wonders for your home’s appearance. In fact, according to a 2019 HomeLight report, nearly 91% of the surveyed real estate agents believe basic yard care is the best project you can complete to increase your home’s curb appeal. 

Weekend Projects

12. Level Up Your Landscaping

Not only does landscaping let you flex your green thumb, but when done properly, it can benefit the planet. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are a few factors to consider before digging in the dirt. 

  1. Desired use – A large lawn where your kids or dogs can run and play will require more maintenance than a decorative flower garden filled with perennials and evergreen shrubs surrounded by mulched wood chips.
  2. Climate – Your area’s average rainfall and temperatures should guide your landscaping plans. Check the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map to see what zone you live in, then search for plants that thrive in your area. 
  3. Location – This is a two-part factor, applying to: 
    1. Where you live. Try the National Wildlife Federation’s Native Plant Finder, a free online tool you can use to find plants native to your area.
    2. Ideal landscaping spots. Mark underground utilities and choose plants that fit the sunny or shady conditions of your yard.
  4. Maintenance – Regularly mowing, weeding, and trimming outgrowth keeps your plants healthy and your property looking pristine. 

13. Build a Border

We’re not talking about tall privacy fences here. This HGTV article states that fencing in your front yard isn’t recommended because it obstructs the view from the street. Instead, use landscaping or a short decorative fence or stone wall to define your property lines. Flowering shrubs, rocks, or a short fence twined with vining flowers are natural focal points that don’t block the view. 

14. Pressure Wash Your Driveway

A pristine driveway is a beautiful sight. All you need to get the job done is a few hours on the weekend and a pressure washer. Pressure washing effectively removes dirt, mold, and grime from tough surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Just remember that pressure washers are powerful, so make sure cars, kids, pets, and delicate objects are out of the way before cleaning your driveway. If you’re not ready to buy a pressure washer, check with local hardware stores about renting one for the weekend.

Pro tip: Always wear goggles, gloves, boots, and ear protection when operating a pressure washer. 

Worth-the-Wait Updates

15. Add or Upgrade Your Walkway

A walkway leading to your front door makes your home more welcoming. Build your path with stone pavers, porcelain tiles, or bricks that fit your home’s aesthetic. If you already have a walkway, line the sides with flowers or lights to add visual appeal. If you add a decorative picket fence, a coordinating arbor or gate at the walkway entrance is a charming finishing touch.

Stone and brick walkway

Your Home’s Exterior

Quick Upgrades

16. Hide Your Garbage Cans

Garbage cans and recycling bins might be essentials, but they aren’t the most attractive outdoor features. Place your bins behind an enclosure or a row of tall bushes. Or move them inside the garage or to a side of your house that’s not facing the street.

17. Change Seasonal Decor (on time) 

From twinkling lights and festive greenery to patriotic emblems and autumnal accents, seasonal decor freshens up your home’s look throughout the year. That said, you’ll get the most curb-appeal points if you change them out in a timely manner. This shows that you’re on top of things—plus, it gives next season’s stylings their moment to shine.

Pro tip: If you’re selling your home, keep decor to a minimum. Otherwise, it can be distracting to potential buyers.

18. Clean the Lights

Outdoor light fixtures get dirty, so taking an afternoon to clean them up is a fast and affordable way to beautify your home. Clean outdoor lights in three easy steps:

  1. Brush away dust and cobwebs from the fixtures. 
  2. Detach the covers and remove any debris or dead insects that crawled inside. 
  3. Wash the covers with soap and water, dry them, and then reattach them.

Pro tip: Turn the power off before cleaning light fixtures.

Weekend Projects

19. Repaint or Replace Garage Doors

A good-looking garage door can dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal, according to this HomeLight article. A new coat of paint is an easy way to give your garage a fresh look. If you want to repaint yours, use an exterior enamel paint with the same color scheme as your front door—don’t forget to pick matching hardware. 

20. Get New Gutters

Neglected gutters filled with dead leaves and rust spots are not attractive and can cause problems down the road. Well-maintained gutters and downspouts keep water away from your home’s foundation, preventing damage and costly repairs. Replacing old gutters is a project you can complete over a weekend. There are a variety of gutter and downspout materials, and this post on BobVila.com suggests choosing the right material to meet your needs.

Worth-the-Wait Updates

21. Give Trim and Siding Some TLC

Updating trim and siding can be a lengthy project but it’s completely worth it for the instant architectural interest it adds to your house. Start by replacing cracked, broken, or rotting pieces, then bring the look together with a few coats of exterior paint. 

22. Replace Windows

Cracked or broken windows are eyesores, and they aren’t energy-efficient, which can lead to higher utility bills. Whether you handle the project or hire a professional, the results are worth the extra effort. Don’t forget to replace or repair window screens in poor condition. Otherwise, uninvited insects can sneak in when you open your windows to air out the house. Even if your window screens aren’t damaged, wiping them down to remove insects and cobwebs will brighten up your window area. 

Modern window exterior with small dog looking out the window

23. Repair Your Roof

Regularly maintaining your roof will increase its lifespan and prevent major structural issues in the future. Sweep away leaves and debris, and while you’re up there, repair worn, damaged, and missing shingles.

24. Think Outside Your Yard

The look of local roads and highways significantly impacts your entire community, from everyday work commutes to tourism. Learn about your state’s plans for highway designs and if you have thoughts on how to improve the aesthetics, make them known to your state’s department of transportation. 

You can follow the example of these Nevada citizens, who opposed a large Nevada Department of Transportation [NDOT] project for multiple reasons, one of the most significant being that the plan didn’t include any aesthetic updates. From then on, NDOT emphasized curb appeal in all new highway projects.


What gives a home curb appeal?

The more attractive a property looks on the outside, the greater its curb appeal is. A clean home with updated features and coordinating decor sitting on a manicured yard will have a higher curb appeal than a neglected home surrounded by an overgrown lawn.

Why is curb appeal important for selling your home?

First impressions matter, and you want to entice prospective buyers from the moment they see your house. Buyers who like what they see from the street are more likely to request a showing of your home. 

What are some inexpensive ways to gain curb appeal?

Increase the curb appeal of your house in seven affordable ways:

  1. Paint your front door
  2. Remove dust and cobwebs from outdoor fixtures
  3. Wash your windows
  4. Weed your landscaping
  5. Update your exterior house numbers
  6. Replace your mailbox or change the look with fresh paint
  7. Plant flowers

Are there fast ways to increase curb appeal?

 Here are nine ways to quickly boost your home’s curb appeal: 

  1. Mow your lawn
  2. Run an edge trimmer along the sides of your driveway, walkway, and sidewalks 
  3. Clean your gutters
  4. Clean off your roof
  5. Add decor to your front porch or stoop
  6. Style planters on the borders of your yard
  7. Refresh the mulch around your landscaping
  8. Add outdoor lights
  9. Touch up the paint on your front door

10 Ways You’re Hurting Your Curb Appeal

Here are 10 tried and true things that will hurt your curb appeal:

  1. An overgrown lawn (bonus points if a few rusted-out cars are parked in the grass)
  2. Flowerbeds overrun with weeds
  3. Halloween decorations that were put up three years ago and never came down
  4. Broken or boarded-up windows
  5. Burned-out lights or no lighting at all
  6. Garbage cans sitting by the street
  7. Dead trees
  8. Damaged trim and siding
  9. Old, damaged furniture on your front porch
  10. Clogged gutters

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