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Creative Ideas for Decorating with Mums this Fall

When it comes to fall decorating, mums are must-have flowers that can elevate any outdoor space. Their vibrant colors and lovely blooms make a bold statement in any fall setting. Here’s how to choose mum colors plus ideas for pairing mums with other fall favorites so you can take your fall decorating to the… maximum. Mum Color Combinations The most common mum colors are orange, … Continue reading Creative Ideas for Decorating with Mums this Fall

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Decorating Tips

As the general public becomes more knowledgeable about pollution, climate change, and the ways they can personally make a difference, options for eco-friendly alternatives multiply every year. This is true for most industries, including outdoor decor and furniture. Are you convinced you can’t find eco-conscious furnishings and decorations for your outdoor spaces and must choose between conservation and style? Think again! The foundation of eco-friendly … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Outdoor Decorating Tips