Creative Ideas for Decorating with Mums this Fall

Originally Published on October 18, 2021. Last Updated on August 18, 2022.

When it comes to fall decorating, mums are must-have flowers that can elevate any outdoor space. Their vibrant colors and lovely blooms make a bold statement in any fall setting. Here’s how to choose mum colors plus ideas for pairing mums with other fall favorites so you can take your fall decorating to the… maximum.

Mum Color Combinations

The most common mum colors are orange, yellow, red, purple, pink, and white. When it comes to mum color combinations, think about coordinating colors — like, red and white. Or you can try mixing contrasting colors, think pink with yellow. The possibilities are endless. Consider some of these mum color combinations below:

  • Red and yellow
  • Yellow and orange
  • Pink and purple
  • Purple and yellow
  • Orange and purple

Mums planters outdoor fall decor floral

Mums Landscaping Ideas

If you want to landscape your mums, they can be grown into garden beds as perennials. Keep in mind that you need to plant your mums in September or early October to actively establish a root system. This means they’ll bloom this fall, freeze for the winter, come back up in the spring, and live through summer. If everything goes according to plan, they’ll bloom again next fall. 

Make sure to take good care of your mums, so they look gorgeous all season long. Since mums absorb a lot of water, ensure you’re watering your flowers every day. Also, fertilize your mums until the buds have fully opened, and regularly deadhead (that’s removing faded flowers for the gardening newbie!).

Mums pair well with each other, but they also complement other fall plants, especially grasses such as flower kale and ornamental cabbage. Mums offer a striking vibrancy to your yard, so pairing them with these more subdued plants makes an even bigger visual impact on your landscape. For example, a tall plant like fountain grass can add extra height and texture to contrast nicely with your colorful mums. 

Arranging pumpkins, gourds, and mums together is another way to help make your landscape pop. If you want your mums to be the main attraction, consider picking pumpkins or gourds with paler hues. This simple arrangement allows your mums to shine while the pumpkins and gourds offer extra texture without competing for attention. Another idea – choose standard orange pumpkins and pair them with coordinating mums, creating a classic fall harvest look. Complement this arrangement with plants in similar colors, such as ornamental peppers and grasses. 

Pumpkins gourds mums lanten outdoor fall decor floral

Mum Planter Ideas

While you can put mums in the ground and grow them as perennials, most people use mums for fall decorating, and there are plenty of ways to showcase your colorful mums using planters. Here are some creative planter ideas you should consider this fall:

  • Paint Can Planter — Give your front porch a shabby chic vibe with these mum planters. All you have to do is paint a clean paint can using your favorite colors, poke some holes in the bottom for drainage, pop in the mums, and tie a burlap ribbon around the can top to it all off. 
  • Burlap Wrap Planter — This mum planter idea is incredibly easy and brings a rustic flair to your outdoor space. Grab some burlap and cut it into squares. Then, wrap it around the mum container and tie it with twine. These planters look fantastic when placing them on your front porch steps.
  • Copper Pot Planter — If you want to make a statement, consider this mum display for your outdoor space. Fill different colored mums in a big copper pot. Then, add gourds and squashes around the pot to add texture and fall style to your display.
  • Pumpkin Planter — For a fun fall display, place your potted mums into hollowed-out pumpkins. Arrange them in groups or in a row on your steps to greet guests. If you want these displays to last throughout the season, consider getting faux craft pumpkins instead of the real deal. 
  • Wicker Basket Planter — Bring a cottage-style vibe to your outdoor space by placing your potted mums into wicker baskets. If your baskets have handles, consider attaching them to a hook and turning them into hanging planters for extra visual impact.

Pumpkin planter for mums fall decor floral outdoor

Whether they’re grown in the ground or displayed in planters, mums are one of the best ways to transform your porch, patio, or deck into a fall spectacle. How are you going to decorate your outdoor area with mums this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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