8 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy at Home this Year

Originally Published on October 1, 2021. Last Updated on August 18, 2022.

It’s time to put away the swimsuits and flip flops and say hello to cozy sweaters and pumpkin-spiced everything. Yep, autumn is officially here, along with a cornucopia of fun fall things to do like apple-picking, hayrides, and corn mazes. But…maybe you’re not ready to leave the house just yet, and we don’t blame you. If you’re looking for fall activities to do at home, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these fun ideas you and your family can do in the comfort of your own backyard.

1 — Carve & Paint Pumpkins 

Carving pumpkins is one of the most fun things to do in the fall. Adults and kids alike enjoy creating their own jack-o-lantern masterpieces, whether they’re scary, cute, or funny. Be sure to carve your pumpkins in your backyard to keep the mess out of your home, but don’t throw away the scraps! You can use pumpkin guts to make juice, butter, hummus, pumpkin seed snacks, and other delicious treats.

Another fun pumpkin craft that’s great for younger kids (since you won’t need knives or sharp tools) is painting pumpkins. Get creative with ombre-painted pumpkins, glitter glue, or spray paints.

2 — Start a Backyard Campfire

When it’s a starry night and there’s a cool autumn breeze, head out to your backyard and build a campfire for the family. Gather around a roaring fire and enjoy an evening of telling ghost stories and making s’mores. If you don’t have a fire pit, consider outfitting your backyard with a fire pit table. It offers an adjustable flame and needs minimal maintenance compared to traditional fire pits. Plus, you have tons of table space for drinks (it is hot toddy season after all!), snacks, and more.

POLYWOOD Modern Adirondack Chairs in outdoor campfire bonfire circle with pumpkins and fall decor

3 — Set Up a Campsite

You don’t need to pack your bags and head to a state park to get the full camping experience. You can easily pitch a tent in the comfort of your own backyard. Fall is an excellent time to camp, too. There are fewer bugs compared to summer, and the crisp autumn air is so refreshing. You know what the best part of backyard camping is? Snacks and bathrooms are never far, and you can always go inside if you and the kiddos just aren’t feeling it.

4 — Have an Outdoor Movie Night

Don’t just settle for a typical movie night – take it to your backyard and watch a festive fall flick the whole family can enjoy! Don’t have an outdoor home theater? All you need is a projector, speakers, and a screen. Then, pull up your favorite outdoor furniture, cozy up under some blankets, and enjoy the show. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Outdoor Fall Movie Night with POLYWOOD blankets popcorn

5 — Make a Scarecrow

Putting together a scarecrow is a popular fall activity for kids. It’s functional because it keeps rodents and pests away from your garden, and it’s fun because it serves as an autumn decoration that adds flair to your yard. Rummage around your house for old clothes and accessories to put on your scarecrow, or you can go to a thrift store if you’re really getting into it. Then, let your kids’ imaginations run wild as they customize a scarecrow that perfectly matches their styles and personalities. 

6 — Create A DIY Container Garden

There are so many gorgeous flowers to plant in the fall, from colorful pansies to tried-and-true mums. So help your kids discover their green thumbs this season by showing them how to create their own container garden. As long as it can hold soil and offer drainage, anything can be a container. An old coffee can, a toy wagon, or even a worn-out boot. The list goes on and on. Get creative with it and see what the kiddos come up with!

Fall container garden outdoor fall activity gardening pumpkins

7 — Collect & Play with Leaves

Building a playful collection of colorful fall leaves is a classic outdoor fall activity. It gets your kids active outside, and it creates the perfect photo-op for fall family greeting cards. Once the kids have their fun, be sure to put the leaves in trash bags or use them in your compost bin.

Collecting leaves outdoor as a fall activity

8 — Build a Bird Feeder

Building a bird feeder is a great weekend project to do this fall with the family. You don’t have to make your bird feeder from wood either. You and the kiddos can easily make a bird feeder from a toilet paper roll, plastic bottle, or egg carton.

There are tons of fun things to do in the fall that don’t require leaving your home. These are just a few ideas to think about. Whatever you decide to do this season, the important thing is to cherish the time spent with your family.

Which one of these outdoor fall activities excites you and your family the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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