The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

While spring gets most of the attention when it comes to deep cleaning, fall is also a time to pull on the rubber gloves and tidy up your home. This is especially true if you’re planning to decorate your home and/or entertain over for the holidays. So get your home ready for sweater weather relaxation by following our fall deep cleaning checklist. Kitchen Let’s start … Continue reading The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

Pumpkin Carving at table with Fall treats and kids friends family

8 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy at Home this Year

It’s time to put away the swimsuits and flip flops and say hello to cozy sweaters and pumpkin-spiced everything. Yep, autumn is officially here, along with a cornucopia of fun fall things to do like apple-picking, hayrides, and corn mazes. But…maybe you’re not ready to leave the house just yet, and we don’t blame you. If you’re looking for fall activities to do at home, … Continue reading 8 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy at Home this Year

Fall Gardening Projects for Kids

Gardening is an excellent way to get outside and spend quality time with your kids. You might think gardening is a spring or summer activity, but fall is just as good of a season. The cooler weather is perfect for a wide variety of plants that grow and thrive in the autumn months.  Here are a few ideas for gardening projects you can do with … Continue reading Fall Gardening Projects for Kids

How to Start Composting at Home

Over the years, composting has become increasingly popular among green thumbs. In a nutshell, composting is the natural process of decomposing food and yard waste. The end product — which many gardeners call “black gold” — can be added to soil to help plants grow. It also helps reduce your carbon footprint and limit your contribution to landfills. This blog covers the benefits and basics … Continue reading How to Start Composting at Home

Start a Fall Vegetable Garden

Fall is arguably the best season to get into gardening. There’s cooler weather, fewer pests, and less plant watering. But what exactly can you grow? And what else should you know about fall gardening? In this blog, we’ll review what you need to consider before starting a fall garden and the best vegetables to grow this season. Getting Started with Your Vegetable Garden Whenever you … Continue reading Start a Fall Vegetable Garden

Start a Fall Herb Garden

Planting an herb garden is an excellent way for beginners to develop a green thumb. Herbs are easy to grow, and many varieties take just a few weeks to fully mature from seed to harvest. Plus, you’ll save money by not having to buy fresh herbs from the grocery store. Follow below to learn how to start a fall herb garden from scratch and which … Continue reading Start a Fall Herb Garden

What Flowers to Plant in Fall

Traditional fall decorations like pumpkins, haystacks, and cornstalks are fall classics, but adding a vibrant autumn garden alongside them can accentuate your home’s festive appeal.  There’s a variety of colorful fall annuals and perennials to choose from as you get started. Each type has its advantages and drawbacks, so keep reading to learn which plants are the best choices for your garden.  Deciding Between Annuals … Continue reading What Flowers to Plant in Fall


Top 10 Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

As we bid farewell to the long, summer days and say hello to changing leaves and pumpkin-spiced everything, you probably have fall decorations on your mind. So do we, and we have a front porch fall makeover that we’re just pleased as punch to share with you. Whether you opt for a rustic vibe or modern style, the possibilities are endless for transforming your porch … Continue reading Top 10 Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Fall

Fall Outdoor Dining Tablescapes

The cooler evenings of fall create the perfect setting for an outdoor candlelit dinner, either with your special someone or with the entire family. Even if you’ve decked out your patio with a full POLYWOOD dining set, the low-maintenance lumber and outdoor cushions covered in all-weather performance fabric need a little more decoration to impress your guests. Creating fall outdoor dining tablescapes is simpler than … Continue reading Fall Outdoor Dining Tablescapes


4 Unique Ideas for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

There’s something magical about a campfire — the way people gather around it, sharing food, stories, and for my family, music. It provides warmth, comfort, and protection. Perhaps that’s why we all love firepits so much now — they’re a modern interpretation of old traditions, and a reminder of time spent with the people we love. Fortunately, modern firepits mean you don’t need to go … Continue reading 4 Unique Ideas for Your Outdoor Fire Pit