4 Unique Ideas for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Originally Published on September 28, 2017. Last Updated on February 12, 2024.

There’s something so magical about a campfire—everyone gathered around to share food, stories, and music. It’s warm. It’s cozy. And oftentimes nostalgic, sparking memories from summer camp or family vacations growing up. And perhaps that’s why fire pits are so popular—they’re a modern interpretation of old traditions, a way to recreate that joy in our own backyards. 

Fire pits today come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are wood-burning, others run on propane. There are even fire pit tables with surface space around the fire component for snacks and s’mores. But fire pits all have one thing in common: They’re the perfect focal point for your outdoor space.


To create a comfortable entertaining space, you’ll want front-row seats to the flickering flames and somewhere to set your drinks. But for a truly unique space, you’ll want outdoor furniture that speaks to your style POV. Here at POLYWOOD, we make that easy. 

To fuel your inspiration, we’ve pulled together four furniture and fire pit combinations. But don’t let that limit you. You can mix furniture of different colors, styles, and collections to align exactly with your vision.

Eclectic Adirondacks & Fire Pit

A classic look with a fun pop, this creative setup brings together different seating styles and accessories in a mix of colors that’s eclectic but intentional. It’s fun, but it’s organized fun. 

The folding Adirondack Chair  is a tried-and-true choice, while the upright Adirondack and Adirondack bench bring extra uniqueness to the space. The backless bench can be used for seating—but it’s clearly also the perfect s’more spot. This balanced mix also lets people choose what’s most comfortable to sit in. Our popular side tables round out the look and offer a place for lanterns, a speaker, and refreshing drinks.


When it comes to colors, you’re covered with our Color-Stay Technology. Make an impact with vibrant blues, reds, and oranges, or go for a more subtle look with browns, grays, and other lovely earth tones. Combine our traditional and contemporary styles to create a set that will stay in great shape for years to come.

Tonal Green Adirondacks & Fire Pit

This look calls to mind the sound of cicadas and scent of woodsmoke, wrapped in a cozy blanket for a night under the stars. We chose two different Adirondack chair styles in tonal greens, one shade reminiscent of soaring pines and one in a lighter, brighter grass hue. A woodsy color palette and elevated Adirondack silhouettes come together for a unique look that plays particularly well with a metal fire pit. 

The Long Island Adirondack offers that iconic sink-in seat. But for those who want to sit up a little and enjoy the view, we recommend the Long Island Dining Chair. Conveniently, both chairs have flat armrests for setting down an ice-cold beer or wine glass as you watch the sunset. If you need a little more space for plates and bowls of goodies, the 18-inch side table is just right.


Bright White Adirondacks & Fire Pit (Family Friendly!)

For a family-friendly space, add seating made specially for littles (or their beloved teddy bear). Our Kids Casual Chair features classic styling that pairs beautifully with the grown-up-friendly Palm Coast Adirondacks. Naturally, our side tables complete the set, providing a place for toys to rest. And sticky marshmallows, spilled grape juice, and crayon marks will clean right off this bright white lumber.


Black Adirondacks & Fire Pit

There’s a deep richness to our black lumber, which lends itself to both traditional and modern spaces. Styled on a beautiful brick patio, this group of Seashell Adirondack Chairs beckons loved ones to relax together, with 18″ side tables and coordinating ottomans sweetening the deal. This collection offers many different seating styles that mix and match with ease. Guitar players may appreciate the upright nature of our Seashell Dining Chairs; relaxation experts may want to call in  a Seashell Adirondack Rocking Chair.

Pair Your Furniture with POLYWOOD Fire Pit Tables

While any fire pit is great, POLYWOOD Fire Pit Tables will really step your patio or deck game.

Fueled by propane and available in round, square, or rectangle shapes, our fire pits are easy to use and worry-free. The adjustable flames are enclosed by a glass wind guard, keeping your yard shining bright well into the night. Feel free to set down drinks, snacks, and other goodies on the table. 

Fire Pit Table

Our fire pit tables are built from durable, weather-resistant HDPE lumber so they won’t crack or rot like wood tables. Maintenance for our fire pit tables is a breeze, too. Just grab some water and soap, wipe the table down, and marvel at how beautiful it looks. You can also easily wipe down or rinse off the clear glass gems to remove excess dust. A durable fitted cover comes with every one of our fire pit tables so you can keep your fire pit table protected when you aren’t using it.

Fire Pit Table

All the furniture collections suggested above make excellent complementary pieces to our fire pit tables. No matter what style you decide for your deck or patio, POLYWOOD Fire Pit Tables provide the perfect centerpiece for your family gatherings, holiday parties, and romantic evenings with that special someone.

We hope these fire pit ideas provide some inspiration for your own outdoor fire pit space. Don’t be afraid to get creative and create your own unique combination of styles, colors, furniture, and designs for a truly remarkable gathering spot.

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